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STI levers... good walk thru anywhere?(2 posts)

STI levers... good walk thru anywhere?cyclejim
Jun 25, 2002 7:45 PM
I'm back to working on my bike this evening. Just reading thru the Shimano instructions and they leave a bit to be desired... is there a good online resource for how to install these from start to finish.

The instructions also reference something called an outer cable guide. Apparently it comes seperately from the STI kit, and is used to somehow guide the "inner" cable and the outer housing from the lever and along the bars. Is this thing really necessary?
re: STI levers... good walk thru anywhere?sievers11
Jun 25, 2002 8:33 PM
I don't know a online resourse, but I can answer one part of the question.

I belive the "outer cable guide" is refering to the "dent" in some handle bars, but I could be mistaken. On my levers the housing runs all the way through the lever body.

I have upgraded to ultegra and eventhing I needed came with the levers. I did have some trouble with keeping the housing in the lever body when I was installing, which caused me to go through a set of cables, but I quickly learned is it most easy to intall the lever and get tenson on the cable, before mounting on the bar and installing your tape. It is also helpful to use a little electrical tape to hold the housing in place while you wrap the bar.

A tip I obviously learned the hard way, cable-->through lever--->housing over installed cable--->housing and cable to brake--->lever to bar--->wrap it all up.