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2001 model price breaks?(8 posts)

2001 model price breaks?jfd141
Jun 25, 2002 5:00 PM
Hey all,
I am looking into purchasing a 2001 Trek 1200 (triple). My local bike shop is offering to cut the list price by 25% (from 899 to 674). This seems like a pretty good deal to me, however my question is: are there big differences in 2002 frames & components and 2001?

Here are the specs on the 2001: Trek aluminum SL frame (supposedly the same frame as the 2002) and sora componentry (I believe the 2002 has Tiagra). I'm itching to get this bike and start riding, just wanna make sure I'm getting a good deal. The frame has a few minor nicks and scratches in it, but that's about is a 'new' bike; however it has a little wear and tear from people test riding it over the course of a year. Also, is there much room for bargaining in the purchase of an entry level bike such as this one (especially since it is already on sale)? Being a cash-strapped college student an "low end bike" is a huge purchase for me.
re: 2001 model price breaks?RadicalRonPruittTheRealDeal
Jun 25, 2002 5:42 PM
What shop are you buying it from? I could always use my noteriety and contact them to get you a better deal.
don't get Sora if there's any way you can afford it.weiwentg
Jun 25, 2002 5:44 PM
Sora is the worst group in the lineup. get 105 if you can. get Tiagra if at all possible, or something with Campy Veloce/Mirage (which is around 105 quality). and try getting used. if you go to and do their fitting process, and then look on the classifieds for used bikes, you could score a pretty good deal.
also check rec.bicycles.marketplace.
That's no bargainjtolleson
Jun 25, 2002 6:11 PM
$674 for a Sora-equipped bike is no bargain. You can spend around $500 on a close-out Trek 1000, KHS Flite 300, Iron Horse [can't remember the model].

Best deal is finding a knowledgable friend to help you shop used, but even looking new you can do better.
That's no bargainjfd141
Jun 25, 2002 6:28 PM
yeah they have a 2001 trek 1000 on close-out for 499... the salesman convinced me that the 1200's better frame and wheel set were wroth the extra 175 bucks. I was under the impression that you should get the best frame possible, then upgrade components later. 1200 just felt faster than the 1000...maybe it's the lighter wheel set?
That's no bargainjtolleson
Jun 25, 2002 7:02 PM
Neither of those bikes is the kind you'll upgrade (again, MHO) and I'd dare anyone to feel a difference between the frames. An improved wheelset can definitely be felt, but my gut reaction is still that this is just an OK, but not great, offering.
In defense of Soradavee
Jun 25, 2002 7:07 PM
Since I have been visiting and occaisionally posting on this board, I have seen the Sora group soundly thrashed, trashed, abused and dismissed. My current ride is ultegra equipped, which works wonderfully. My previous bike had Sora. The most negative reports I've read on it mentioned that it would not hold up to the rigors of serious training and was not raceworthy. O.K. I agree. Sora is not as bulletproof, as light, or as smooth as Ultegra or DA, and you can't shift from the drops.

A lot of folks don't ride 10,000 miles a year and only race their friends around the block or up the next hill. I found Sora to be a dependable and user friendly, especially considering the price. As to shifting from the drops, the bike I had before the Sora equipped one had down tube shifters--state of the art for many years. I never could shift those from the drops either.

You do get what you pay for, but considering the state of the art today, you still get a pretty good deal at the low end of the specrum. Hope you enjoy your new ride, whatever it is

Sora is fine, '02 Trek 1000 for $540...Lowend
Jun 26, 2002 5:32 AM
I bought a 2002 Trek 1000 for $540 a few months ago. The Sora group works just fine. I have over 1000 miles on it and no problems yet. Not being able to shift from the drops is true, but how many casual riders actually ride the drops. Yea they ride the drops when going down a big hill, just shift before moving to the drops.