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Le Tour giddiness (pt. 2)(2 posts)

Le Tour giddiness (pt. 2)NeedSpeed
Jun 25, 2002 1:47 PM
Okay, so now we know the Boys in Blue who will back up Lance's race for Tour victory #4. (Ekimov, Landis, Hincapie, Padrnos, Joachim, Heras, Pena and Rubiera). Apparently both Lance and Johan feel this is the strongest overall Postal team to date and the tour team obviously leaves out Casey and Vande Velde. The mountain stages in this year's tour are all packed into stages 10-20 — a nod to the French who complained of last year's anticlimactic Tour when Lance spent the last 19 days in yellow. What are your theories for this year's tour? Will ONCE dispaly their team strength with Gonzalez de Galleano gunning for the prologue and try to maintain the jersey early and hand it off to Beloki in the mountains? Will Leipheimer make the prologue his coming out party and then attack Lance in the mountains? Will the bigger teams like Domo, ONCE, Kelme, CSC, Rabbobank Mapei and Fassa Bortolo leave the earlier stages to the lesser teams and fight it out in the time trials and the mountains? Will Postal EVER allow anyone other than Lance to ride for a stage win? What about an all-American mountain stage podium with Lance, Leipheimer and Hamilton? Can anyone unseat Fassa as the strongest team and will Telekom ride for Livinston in the mountains and Zabel in the flats? ELEVEN days until le Tour and live coverage on OLN! Let's hear your theories, tactics and prospective podiums!
re: Le Tour giddiness (pt. 2)SantaCruz
Jun 25, 2002 4:11 PM
Lots of good questions.

Telecom will be supporting Zabel for stage wins. Don't count on Kevin Livinston for much of anything, Telecom may be strong but probably aren't seriously planning for high GC ranking.

Everyone Postal is in a support role; Heras' reward will be support at the Vuelta.

Leipheimer is a real question, was his Vuelta finish last year a fluke? I'd guess Rabobank is out for stage wins unless Levi is in good form going into the mountains.

Tyler H. may be a contender, but can he overcome his tendency for "le crash". He's also not the team leader for CSC either.

Casagrande should be very hungry for a win after being pitched from the Giro.

The Spaniards are strong again this year, if Sevilla can TT he would be a major threat.

Only time will tell.