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flight deck?(2 posts)

flight deck?warriorcharge
Jun 25, 2002 9:06 AM
so maybe i'll buy a computer to push,on my levers its says flight deck ,what does this mean,do i have to buy a certain brand/make
re: flight deck?Akirasho
Jun 25, 2002 11:53 AM
"Flight Deck" is a slightly proprietary computer system that integrates several functions into and operational from their levers (both road and offroad).

As a cycle computer, Flight Deck can be used just like any other... but to get the full features (which include the abovementioned mode buttons accessable directly from the levers... as well as gear ratios, virtual cadence and a few other features (depending on which head end you get)) you need to use "Flight Deck" levers (which it sounds as though you've got). The latest head unit, 6501... allows you to enter more than one wheel setting for use on multiple bikes... and allows you to re-enter your ODO after replacing the battery (so's you can keep track of your TOTAL miles).

The only real caveate is getting the proper wiring harness for your levers... first generation Flight Deck put both mode buttons on the right hand lever where they could accidentally be pushed... the latest rendition places a mode button on each lever. If each lever has a bump on the inside of the brake hoods... it's the latest... if two bumps on the inside of the right hood... it's the older system.

One other option is wireless Flight Deck. Flight Deck is currently only available from Shimano (it's not likely that they'll license this to anyone else in the foreseeable future).

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