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Okay, I think I over did it this time!(2 posts)

Okay, I think I over did it this time!EJC
Jun 25, 2002 4:27 AM
Last night was the first in a series of 'mini-triathlons' here in town (I live in a VERY athletic community! I am extremely fortunate!)

I was planning on just going over to the beginning and taking a few pictures of my friends who were going to do it. BUT testosterone just had to rear its ugly head and I found myself going against my better judgement and did the race!

I had done a century the day prior (Sunday) at a rather fast pace and I was still quite soar and tired, but I went for it...I forgot how to swim!!!

I haven't been in the H2O since last year and my upper body has suffered the results of neglect! It was hysterical! It was a very short swim (400meters) but I stiill managed to get out of the water third to last!!! My muscles were most assuredly packed full of good old lactic acid, and I found it difficult just to move. Luckily, once on the bike I managed to gain back quite a bit of time as I basically did the bike split like it was a time trial. I managed to pass three other athletes who had a considerable lead, and that helped to rebuild my damaged and 'fragile" male athlete ego ;-) !!!

By the time I hit the run I was feeling a shade better and I wanted to see what I could do. I put down a good pace for the 5k and was pleased with my run.

However, I should have just taken pictures instead of doing the race! I'm tired today!!!

AND I am supposed to do the Sutton Vermont Masters Stage Race this weekend! Sometimes my common sense escapes me!


If you only took the pics...klbeans
Jun 25, 2002 10:56 AM
you wouldn't have a story to tell ;)