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have you heard of this shoe??(2 posts)

have you heard of this shoe??empacher6seat
Jun 25, 2002 12:50 AM
Carmac Altitude.
Ring a bell?
I walked into my lbs and asked "what's the cheapest shoe you have in a US size 12?"

We looked around in a bin of shoes that appeared to be older models (maybe some used?) then couldn't really find anything under $120 Canadian. After a while, he discovered a lone pair of these Carmacs. He said they cost around $300, but the price tag said $100. Is this a good deal? It almost seemed too good to be true by the way he was describing them. They fit well enough, but I don't really know what I should be looking for in road shoes. Can anyone give me some help or info regarding these shoes? Thanks in advance.
re: have you heard of this shoe??Eric_H
Jun 25, 2002 10:53 AM
The Carnac Altitude was made in the years 1994-1998 (I think). It was somewhere below the two top shoes at that time - the Diagonale and Legend(Lemond). However, it came with the same sole (either UCS-1 in 1994-95 or UCS-3 in 1996-98). In its day it probably was a $300 Cdn shoe. Like most Carnac shoes, they work best for a person who likes a wide fit in the toebox and has high arches. The soles are very stiff and the only real drawback to the shoes is that they are relatively heavy compared to other brands.

If the shoes are indeed new old stock and they fit you well, I would go for them. For $100 Cdn you will not get anything even close to the quality of these shoes. Carnacs are very durable and you can likely expect these shoes to last you for a few seasons.