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cateye computer(2 posts)

cateye computerEpicX
Jun 24, 2002 6:32 PM
has anyone else experienced this? I have a cateye mity 2 computer. after a few years, the battery went out the other day and i noticed it just before i went for a ride. I stop on the way out and buy a replacement and head off for my ride. While I'm riding, I notice that i seem to be riding pretty quick according to my computer. i would have said i was doing 16-17, but the computer was showing 19-20. cool. so i get back home pull out the manual and verify that my calibration is correct. it is. so, have i been getting false readings since the battery began going south? i have noticed that i've been a few miles shorter in distance than others on group rides.

guess i should replace the battery more often. it was kind of cool though. all these rides i thought i was working so hard on and barely moving, i guess i was going faster than i thought.
re: calibrationHap
Jun 25, 2002 6:22 AM
I sure all computers are different but typically they have a factory diffault calibration that assumes an average size tire. In reality of course all tire circumferences are different. The proper way to calibrate a computer is to mease the actual distance traveled by the wheel the the computer is picking up when the wheel is properly inflated and bears the weight of the rider. There should be a formula in the manual for converting inches to the number you need to enter. Most computers will retain the calibration during a quick battery change if the battery was not completely dead. If they lose the calibration thery revert to the factory preset. If you haven't calibrated this way you may want to do so.

If your battery was getting weak and missing some "blips" from the wheel, then it would show a shorter trip and a slower ave speed. It's nice to have a measured ride that you can use to gage your computer's calibration and if you ride with a group and they all show 35 miles and you show 33, well you probably need to recalibrate.