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When buying a used bike.......(1 post)

When buying a used bike.......zray61
Jun 24, 2002 3:48 PM
For the sake of this posting, I'm assuming that most people who are selling a fairly new bike, are selling it because the bike was an improper fit. By improper fit I don't mean frame size - there is enough written on that subject on this board that I would like to assume that people got lucky and they got the right size frame. It is the other stuff.

By the other stuff I mean; first, handle bar height. Grant Petersen of Rivendell is right most people set them too low. Once, you bring them up to the approximate height of the seat, riding becomes much more pleasurable. My thing is the hoods. I think that they are too far down on the handlebars. When I get dialed in I have the mechanic move the hoods back towards me until we find a comfortable position on the bar.

Because of the above I use the drops and hoods much more then other riders around me and I think I'm more comfortable. How does this effect the price of a used bikes? If I'm buying I calculate the cost of a new stem and the cost of a handbar wrap into the price at the very least.

What do you take in to account whe you are buying a used bike or out fitting a frame?