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to grease or not to grease campy bb spindle? teflon tape?(3 posts)

to grease or not to grease campy bb spindle? teflon tape?ishmael
Jun 24, 2002 3:44 PM
zins book says not to because you could over crank the cranks and squish the them. Two mechanics say definately put on grease because otherwise the metal will bond. One mechanic says it doesnt matter. I just put the cranks back on the bike without grease.

I think Ive solved my ticking(bb cup was loose) but I was all ready to take off all the grease on the bb threads and put on teflon tape. Atleast one person told me this solves the problem of bb creaks. But, again, I asked another mechanic and he said deffinatly dont do it. What do you know?
re: to grease or not to grease campy bb spindle? teflon tape?curlybike
Jun 24, 2002 4:11 PM
I know that I put teflon tape on a bb cup in my al. frame and startet tightening it up with a torque wrench. Much before I got to the spec the threads pulled out of the frame. Lesson learned: When using teflon tape, the threads get super slippery and lie to the torque wrench. Therefore, we must reduce the torque applied to the fastener(BB, in this instance) to prevent a PITA. This also applies to fasteners coated with anti-seize. I still use teflon tape, but use much less torque. The teflon tape will eventually quit working and the noise may return, but this seems to work longer than anything I have tried. I always install the crank arms without lube and with Loctite 242(blue) and get very consistent positioning of the arms using 280-290 in/lb of torque. They never make noise and always pull off easily. Your results may vary.
Been greasing for 40 yearsKerry
Jun 24, 2002 4:32 PM
and I haven't had a problem with a crank, including one I had for 16 years and rebuilt every year (with grease) and totaled 90K miles. Litespeed recommends grease for Al cup BB threads on their Ti frames. While you can have a nice long debate about alternatives, any problems you have associated with greased BB tapers is tied to operator error. Just handle the tapers with greasy fingers - don't slather on the grease, just a very thin film. Grease has the advantage of being readily available, low cost, and very effective for any threaded fitting. People argue for other things, but grease works. Full stop.