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How much would you pay for...(5 posts)

How much would you pay for...chris47
Jun 24, 2002 1:44 PM
...a Specialized Allez Epic (seller does not know the year but judging from other posts on here I'm guessing 1992ish given the fact that it has Shimano 600 -- no Ultegra in the title). Also has carbon fiber weave frame.

Someone in my area is selling the bike but wants $800 and that sounds like WAY too much to me. I'm by no means knowledgeable (am just getting into cycling after my knees and ITB told me to stop running) so would appreciate any info on what a fair price would be. Also, any info on the frame: i.e., if it's lasted this long with no problems, it is good to go or does that mean the problems are going to come up sooner or later?? (referring to the carbon fiber/aluminum bonding issue I've read about)

And thanks to all of you who answer those questions about what to look for in the $700 - $1200 range!

How about one more...would you take a risk on an older bike that has ultregra vs a newer bike with 105 -- or is the issue of fit too important? Thank you!

Seattle, WA
re: How much would you pay for...pmf1
Jun 24, 2002 1:54 PM
That is definitely high. Is it 8-speed Ultegra? I'd say $500.

What about this: Kestrel 200 Sci (red 56 cm) frame in good shape. Dura Ace 9-speed components about 3-4 years old (I replaced the Ultegra 8-speed the bike came with). The cranks are a little scraped up, but its cosmetic -- they work fine. Time Equipe Pro Mag pedals. Mavic Helium wheels. TTT Prima bar and Control Tech stem. AC post and Flite saddle.

I haven't ridden it lately and am thinking of selling it.

What's it worth?
Something to check onbrider
Jun 24, 2002 2:23 PM
I had one, sold it a LONG time ago. A riding buddy also had one, and it came disbonded at the BB lug / chainstay junction. Carbon tubes bonded to aluminum lugs is not the best scenario -- lots of potential for bonding problems. Also, in that era, the dropout spacing was 128mm, not the 130 it is now. While spreading the rear triangle isn't that hard to do on a steel frame, it CAN'T be done on a carbon. So you'd basically be stuck with the gearing it has on it now.
re: How much would you pay for...B2
Jun 24, 2002 3:59 PM
I have one of those that I bought used in 1996. The previous owner told me to take it to some local bike shops and ask what they though it was worth and he would sell it for that amount. I went to four shops and got estimates from $275 to $475. The bike was in reasonably good condition and had Shimano 600 components (7 speed downtube shifter setup). $800 sounds way high to me.

Just about a month or so ago, I was going to adjust the seat height and take it for a spin since my other bike had a crank on order. Well the aluminum lug (that doubles as the seat post clamp) broke behind at the binder bolt hole when I was LOOSENING the binder bolt. I guess the frame is toast now??

The bike now has Shimano 600 brakes and crank and 2 year old Ultegra for everything else. If you're interested trying to salvage the frame (if it even is salvagable) I'd be welling to sell the complete bike cheap.


BTW - the frame I have is set up for 130mm rear hub.
too muchDaveG
Jun 24, 2002 4:14 PM
I had a '94 Epic Comp (8-speed 105 STI) which I sold two years ago for $450. $800 sounds like way too much to me for a 10 year old bike. I liked the frame; it was very compliant under my 180lbs and was great for centuries/club rides. For big and/or strong racers it may not bit stiff enough for their purpose. Epic's had a lifetime warranty but that may not be transferable. If you have $1200 to spend I think you'd be happier going new. Lots of good buys at that price point