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Giant OCR vs TRC(3 posts)

Giant OCR vs TRCRoughDraft
Jun 24, 2002 11:20 AM
Im stuck between the OCR1 and TCR2. THey both have almost identical compnents, but the TCR has the same frame as the ONCE bike. The only things about the fram i know are different are the amooth welds and a shorter wheelbase. The TCR also has a threadless headset, snazzy paint job, and a carbon seatpost. What are the differencees between the frame other than that?

re: Giant OCR vs TRCGMS
Jun 24, 2002 1:41 PM
OCR1 has more relaxed geometry. OCR1 comes with a triple crank and the TCR2 comes with a double. You cannot physically fit a triple crank on a TCR2 frame.

If you are a racer, the TCR2 will be faster. If you are not, ignore the price and get whatever is more comfortable. Both are excellent bikes.
Some that I have noticedGeekRoadie
Jun 24, 2002 4:49 PM
My wife has an OCR and I have a TCR. The downtube on the TCR is round but ovalized at both ends vs. the uniform, ovalized downtube of the OCR. The TCR has a dimple in the seat tube to help shorten the wheelbase (the OCR is straight). The steerer tubes for the forks are going be different, obviously, because of the threaded/non-threaded setups (OCR 1" CRMO vs. TCR 1-1/8" AL). The 01' TCR's had 1" steerers made of different materials.

The TCR's tubing seems to be drawn much thinner than the OCR based on my very unscientific "ping" test. This seems to the case on all of the tubing esp. the seatstays and chainstays.

You will be happy with either one as long as it fits you. Keep in mind too that the adjustable stem on the OCR's are convenient but less than optimal for stiffness.