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Interesting Site and post-ride coughing Question...(17 posts)

Interesting Site and post-ride coughing Question...funknuggets
Jun 24, 2002 8:50 AM
Was riding yesterday and saw something that I never expected to see. I was cresting a hill and saw a coyote up ahead on the side of the road waiting to cross. The cars passed and he trotted across the road. On the other side of the road was a house, which had low-lying bushes that bordered the road. There was an opening in the bushes where their driveway entered. That is where the coyote was heading when out from under the bush bolted this little-bitty orange cat that was all puffed up and his tail was straighte up and all puffed out and he chased the coyote right off the property. It was one of the funniest things I remember seeing while on a ride.

Is it normal to cough quite a bit after a hard ride. It happens especially when you try and take a really deep breath. It feels like something is stretching or something and it causes me to cough. Normal or not... and why does it occur. Thanks!!!

re: coughing_rt_
Jun 24, 2002 8:58 AM
have you ever been assessed for asthma/exercise induced asthma? that could be the cause of your post-ride's the cause of mine.....just a thought.

funny story about the cat & coyote!

I have this problem about 50% of the time...JBurton
Jun 24, 2002 9:19 AM
What, if anything, did your doctor prescribe for you? Has that helped your overall wind on the bike?
question is: what DIDN'T they prescribe for me! ;-)_rt_
Jun 24, 2002 9:43 AM
.i was assessed for exercise induced asthma about 4 years ago & they really had difficulty figuring out what the problem was. in fact, the doctor told me that, based on his tests, there wasn't anything wrong with me but he prescribed Intal (2 puffs 15 min pre-exercise).

that really didn't help me much and by last year i was having full blown asthma attacks during training rides.

.i was reassessed this past spring and it turns out that the reason the previous doc couldn't find evidence of exercise induced asthma was because i don't have that. instead i have garden-variety asthma all the time! however, and this is important for people who are athletes, my breathing capacity was being compared to the average & because i'm in really good fitness i did not meet the criteria for either exercise induced or regular asthma (15% below normal).

the upshot of all of this is the doc prescribed a whole host of stuff for me. i take:
advair (2 puffs, tid)
intal (2 puffs, 1 hr pre-workout)
albuterol (2 puffs, 15 min pre-workout & as needed during exercise)

this regimine seems to be helping a lot. (now if we could only work on the quality of the ozone!! ;-}) i've been on it now for about 10 weeks. i still occasionally have breathing problems but rarely after a workout. the last post-ride breathing problem was about 3 weeks ago after a 60 mile hill ride and using the albuterol helped clear the problem up.

if you have an asthma assessment, i'd recommed that you suggest to your physician (or whomever does the assessment) that they compare your breathing pre & post medication. that's how they identified the reduction in my capacity.

Exercise-induced asthma maybe?TomS
Jun 24, 2002 9:00 AM
That doesn't usually happen to me, but it did after yesterday's ride. I was fine while riding, but just couldn't take a deep breath without coughing afterwards. I didn't ride all that hard, so I'm thinking it was because of the low air quality (hot, high ozone, plus smoke from all those forest fires). Also I rode in the afternoon/evening instead of the morning like I usually do, so the ozone was probably worse than I'm used to.

It also happens to some people in the cold... If it happens regularly you should talk to a doctor, I've heard of some people using an asthma inhaler only when they exercise and it helps.
Uh, yeah, what _rt_ said (took too long for me to post!) nmTomS
Jun 24, 2002 9:02 AM
Jun 24, 2002 9:52 AM
i've been coughing a lot also, and coughing up little chunks of phlegm. i'm attributing it to being in such poor shape, and lungs under capacity, and now that i'm riding more and developing some sembalnce of fitness, i'm clearing out all the gunk that's been clogging up my lung capacity.
sounds a bit like asthmaEJC
Jun 24, 2002 9:55 AM
I started the season out the same way, but I have found that I have this problem with greater frequency when the mercury is low.

Cold temps seem to bring out bad exercise induced asthma.

Like rt said, be sure to have your doc check post and pre-workout breathing. He is right that as athletes, many docs simply do not check for the proper levels or whatever it is they check for.

Hang in there lad, I was diagnosed this year with both allergy and exercise induced asthma as well as post-nasal drip AND hayfever! I am doped up to the neck! I take Claritin daily, rhinocort inhaler 2x per nostril/day, and albutyrol 2 puffs 20 minutes prior to hard workouts.

The plus side to all this medication is that I can breath normally, go out in pollen, and actually *gasp* breath when I hit the hills (I'd say 'hammer' the hills, but I'd feel quite the presumptuous boob if I did!)

Get it checked out. Your lungs will thank you!


she --------->_rt_
Jun 24, 2002 9:59 AM

oh, yeah, i also take zyrtec at night, but i'm not sure if it's really helping any.

rt - also doped up to the gills!
Jun 24, 2002 10:07 AM
I guess I just fell prey to the 'male-dominated' mindset about this place!

Duly noted and set in the memory! And, I don't need anything at night, as the rhinocort seems to have worked wonders for many of the daily symptoms!

Cheers rt,

no worries! happens all the time....._rt_
Jun 24, 2002 10:45 AM
the price i pay for being involved in a male dominated should see what happens when i show up for rides! (road & mtb!)

same here...EJC
Jun 24, 2002 11:21 AM should see what happens when I show up for rides...however, I am willing to bet it is for VERY different reasons than yours!

And if it is any consulation, my GF (who became a fairly good candidate to move up the "S.O." hierarchy a week ago...she secretly booked the two of us on a trip to the Tour this July! She even talked with my 'superiors' to get the time off for me!) gets the same reactions when she shows up for rides. Makes a fella a tad disgruntled! Sheesh, you would think that the lads had never seen a woman who rides a bicycle before!


same here..._rt_
Jun 24, 2002 12:15 PM
enjoy the should marry her for this!!! if i could find someone to secretly book a trip to the Tour for me/us i'd definately take him off the singles market! ;-)

must be the collective testosterone balance gets disturbed with the arrival of estrogen. hehe

re: Interesting Site and post-ride coughing Question...amflyer
Jun 24, 2002 12:43 PM
Just got back form a hot and hilly 40, and voila, same feeling on deep inspiration. I would guess it's sort of related to fatigue and above normal ins. and exp. efforts.


post-ride coughing Question...zeke
Jun 25, 2002 2:07 AM
As for post ride coughing it happens to me only in the summer and only when I take a deep breath. It began in elementary school. AT that time it wasnt ride related but related to my running at high speeds and / or long distances during the summer. Now it happens when I ride long distances and or do many hills.
post-ride coughing Question...zeke
Jun 25, 2002 2:11 AM
I didnt mention in my previous post but it hasnt happened to me since grade school, ie 40 years ago. Now I am riding in Japan, and it may be pollution related, ie diesel fumes and dioxin.

As for 40 years ago in USA in Philadelphia, I think there were no pollution controls, so there seems to be a correlation.
stop smoking so much pot?ColnagoFE
Jun 25, 2002 8:24 AM
just kiddin ya...could be pollutants in the air...could be asthma, but i'm guessing it's pretty normal following an intense ride.