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Shorts and other questions(9 posts)

Shorts and other questionsJackDanielsFSU
Jun 24, 2002 8:02 AM
If you read my post below you know I am out of shape. I really don't think I will be confortabl riding in tight road bike shorts till I get in better shape. Anyone here ride in baggies? Will I get pointed at and laughed by other riders? I have a few pairs of baggie shorts I use for mountain biking and was thinking I could use those till I get in better shape and can afford some real road bike clothing. Any thoughts?

I was also wondering about my shifters. I have almost all 105 stuff on my bike I have collected pretty cheap from friends and ebay. All the stuff is a few years old but it is in great shape. Most of it is brand new or close to brand new! I have rsx sti levers though. These any good? Are they better then sora? I know I shouldnt be conserned with stuff like this now till I get better and maybe try a race or some group rides but I tend to break alot of my stuff on my mountain bike so I want to know if the stuff I have is quality so I dont have to worry about babying it to keep it from breaking. Thanks for your help
re: Shorts and other questionsphacops rana
Jun 24, 2002 8:21 AM
Ride in whatever you feel like, but don't dismiss the traditional shorts just because of looks. They really do work better for road applications (for me). And whatever you do, don't fall into that "I've got to be in shape in order to get in shape" mind-set. Personally, when I see an out of shape rider on their bike, I think "wow, they're actually doing something about their condition. Good for them." Unless they're riding like a maniac and not observing regulations, I never refer to them as fat turkeys or other opprobria.
Congratulations! First time 'opprobria' (and correctly plural)scottfree
Jun 24, 2002 9:51 AM
has been used on this board!
re: Shorts and other questionsmaximum15
Jun 24, 2002 2:40 PM
I agree. And even more so after watching some Cat 5 racers recently. One of the racers must have been at least 270 (I'm about 225, so I think my guess is good). This guy ended the race just past the middle of the pack - impressed the heck out of me!
re: Shorts and other questionsNo_sprint
Jun 24, 2002 8:43 AM
Don't worry about what anyone else is thinking. Just do it. If you still happen to be concerned about what others are thinking, they'll be thinking higher of you than the sketchy, obviously out of shape, full bore rookie in full Mapei gear and C-40, with his cell phone earplug in (simulating a team radio), who's a hazard to everyone around him. Believe it or not, I've seen the cell phone gig done. Keep it upright.
RSX stuff is fine.elviento
Jun 24, 2002 9:01 AM
as long as it's compatible, i.e., 8 speed sti for 8 speed derailleur/cassette.

As for clothes, good tight shorts are much more comfortable for long distance riding. Look at it this way, slightly embarrassing clothes might make you ride faster just to get out of people's view.
Jun 24, 2002 9:59 AM
RSX is defineitely better than Sora. I used it for years, and it worked fine. It was one step below 105.
re: Shorts and other questionswulf
Jun 24, 2002 9:06 AM
I started road-biking about 2.5 months ago, and although I'm a skinny little dude and not a big guy, I was concerned about my looking dorky in the shorts as well. I rode in some mtb shorts with a chamois in them for comfort (and security) for about a month until I broke down and bought the tighties. My girlefriend teased me that I was going too fast to be wearing mtb shorts anymore, and looked like a dork in the other direction.... whatever, I'm still skinny, and probably look moreso with the tight road shorts, but they are hella more comfortable...

good for you.
- wulf
Another RSX userMelMo
Jun 24, 2002 10:41 AM
Good for you for getting in shape. I was really self-conscious when I started biking in lycra shorts, but I figured I might be pudgy and slow, but I was getting thinner and faster, and anyone who was going to criticize me was always going to be a jerk. Ride in whatever makes you comfortable.

I have mostly RSX on my bike, and it's been bomb-proof so far (I commute downtown over car-eating potholes on this bike). I think it is a little more sensitive to front derailleur set up than other shifters might be--I have an Ultegra FD, and apparently it is narrower than an RSX FD would be, so everything has to be adjusted just right or the chain rubs in either the high or low gears. If yours is working fine, though, I wouldn't worry about replacing it until it breaks or you replace the whole bike.

Cheers, Melinda