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difference in shifting between Campy and Shimano STI?(11 posts)

difference in shifting between Campy and Shimano STI?niteschaos
Jun 24, 2002 6:39 AM
What is the difference in the way the Campy hoods shift and the Shimano STI's shift from the drops? I have Shimano STI, so I know how they work (2 levers in the same direction) but what about Campy?
Shimano is better, Campy is worse.pmf1
Jun 24, 2002 6:49 AM
Simple as that.

No, really they are both very good and its a matter of preference. Campy shifters have a slightly different shape that some people like better. The also work a bit differently. Instead of the brake lever shifting, there is a lever on the inside of the brake hood. Some people feel uneasy about the brake lever also being a shift lever and prefer this. I've never experienced problems (braking while trying to shift or vice versa).

Go down to you LBS and check them out for yourself.
Shimano is better, Campy is worse.DINOSAUR
Jun 24, 2002 7:34 AM
My old bike has Ultegra sti, my new ride has Campy Chorus/Record Ergo. The big change for me was the shape of the brake hoods and the little levers inside the brake hood. It took an adjustment to get used to shifting as the two groups shift opposite to each other. It took a lot of fooling around with the tilt of my bars until I found the right angle. But once you get used to them and have your bike set up right it's very easy to shift when your hands are on the hoods. I was undecided whether to go with Dura Ace or Chorus and I ended up going with Chorus as the grouppo was $100.00 cheaper. Then I ungraded to Record levers and rear der for $110.00 (my LBS suggested this as opposed to going straight Record) and the difference between the two groups (Chorus/Record) is minimal. Also I figured Italian bike, Italian components. You can't go wrong with either group (D.A. or Chorus). If you have really big hands you might prefer the D.A. group, I think Shimano has an advantage here but that's about it IMHO...
Shimano is better, Campy is worse.mike r
Jun 24, 2002 11:42 AM
its really a matter of personal preference, i use ultegra at the moment but am switching to campag soon.
i find braking in the wet from the drops to be ackward sometimes when my fingers slip off the lever as it moves sideways.
Campy is better; Shimano is worseMcAndrus
Jun 24, 2002 7:46 AM
That's a joke. :-) We haven't had a Shimagnolo flame war in a long time.

Another feature not yet mentioned is reaction time and smoothness. Campy shifters feel quicker - the derailleurs respond immediately to the command to shift. Shimano derailleurs (particularly the front one) have a silkier feel to the shift but there is an ever-so-slight hesitation before the shift actually happens.
difference when in dropsishmael
Jun 24, 2002 8:08 AM
shifting up from the drops can be harder with campy. If I want to shift up I have to somehow get my thumb all the way up there, I dont know how I do it, maybe I dont. Some people dont have this problem but I know of some that do. ten-speed isnt worth it either I think, its too delicate and wears too quickly. If I could have gone back I wouldve got 9speed record. Also campy is more servicable, I took my ergo-lever apart and fixed it(cost about 15bucks for parts)
re: difference in shifting between Campy and Shimano STI?No_sprint
Jun 24, 2002 9:02 AM
The current stable includes a DA 9 and an Ergo 10 ride. I ride them both every week. The main differences are as follows. DA has 9, Campy has 10. Campy shifters can shift up to 4 gears at a time I think, Shimano is 1. Downshifting (to easier ring in the rear) is multiple on both. This is a great advantage to Campy as you'll find if ride it. The DA shifts, as stated above, silkier and softer. The Campy shifts are right on the money, quick and really slam into place. I have small hands and don't like the downshifting process of moving the entire lever so far to the inside with DA. If Campy would shape the levers toward the Shimano shape and leave everything else the same, it would be absolutely perfect in my opinion.
Addendum - broken Shimano shiftersNo_sprint
Jun 24, 2002 9:25 AM
Since I've been riding (long time) I've had two shifter problems with Shimano and one with Campy that were not related to crashing or other breakages. Firstly, the only problem I've had with Campy is a little rattle in one shifter. I've left it alone for a long time now, no biggie. I've had to replace Shimano shifters twice due to malfunctioning. The first set was Ultegra 9 that started rattle and the upshift (little lever) then became loose and then stopped functioning altogether.

The second break just came yesterday. I broke the left side lever simply trying to get to the large chainring. The entire shifter/lever moves to the inside and sticks there. Whenever I try to downshift from the large ring same thing happens. There is an inherent design fault in having to move the entire lever inside to get to the large chainring. If the lever is moved back even just a little (as with the braking motion), this will cause the little shifter to move with the entire lever (basically trying to upshift and downshift at the same time) and thus break in time.
Prefer shimano a bit moreelviento
Jun 24, 2002 9:11 AM
1. Shimano hoods are more comfortable. This is because Campy jams the shifting mechanism into the hood while shimano has that mechanism in front of the hood. Shimano hoods have a rise, which is better for your arms that are at about 45 degree angle. My hands get a bit more tired using campy and I have somewhat small hands.

2. It's easier to shift from the drops with Campy.

3. Campy can downshift several cogs at a time, which is neat.
The difference is "me"....coonass
Jun 24, 2002 4:21 PM
I ride DA one day and Record 10 takes about 3 minutes to train my subconscious to use or not-to-use my thumb for shifting....both systems are excellent...a "10" for both!!
re: difference in shifting between Campy and Shimano STI?jtlmd
Jun 24, 2002 5:55 PM
Unless shimano has changed something recently, the derailleur cable for the STI is not tucked under the bar tape. In the Campy setup both cables are hidden for a cleaner look.