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Time Equipe vs Speedplay/Sidi G4(8 posts)

Time Equipe vs Speedplay/Sidi G4Trav
Jun 23, 2002 7:37 PM
I'm looking at a new pedal / shoes setup, what would be best given i don't like a lot of float. Currently using Sidi and Look pp296 / black cleats.

Time Equipe Pro CX with Time Mag Pro pedals or Sidi G4's with Speedplay zero's??

Does anyone know if Time have bought out a new shoe, I have heard about their new pedals.

Pro's and cons appreciated.

re: Time Equipe vs Speedplay/Sidi G4Jekyll
Jun 23, 2002 8:01 PM
I'm not sure of what advantage the Zero's would offer over any other pedal (with the possible exception of double sided entry). I think that the only reason that Speedplay makes them is to snag a few Look/Time people like yourself who do not like float. Personally, I love float and I am very fond of my X1's. The Zero's are fairly light as well. I think if I were in the market for limited or no float pedals I would go with Time and not Speedplay.
re: Time Equipe vs Speedplay/Sidi G4pina
Jun 23, 2002 10:17 PM
Based on your float requirement i think you would be happy with the Time Mag Pro. I have ridden them a long time and the "lack of unlimited float" is fine with me. Have seen the new pedal but don't know if different cleats are required for it.
re: Time Equipe vs Speedplay/Sidi G4Steve A
Jun 24, 2002 5:57 AM
The Speedplays Zero are very light, 2 sided, and you can adjust up to 15 deg. float, plus they offer a greater ground clearence when leaned over in corners.
re: Time Equipe vs Speedplay/Sidi G4pmf1
Jun 24, 2002 6:35 AM
I have used Time pedals for years and love them. Same goes for Carnac shoes.

Pro: They are durable, easy entry/exit and have a nice big platform. You can rebuild them, but I've never had the need to.

Con: They are heavy and cleats are not always easy to find. The composite front cleat wears out fairly quickly. They do not fit many shoes without an adapter.

For me, the pluses outweigh the minuses. I could not handle a tiny pedal like the Speedplay. And I find Sidi shoes to be way to narrow for my feet. I would expect that the Equipe models will be closed out soon to make way for the new version (that costs $350). $200 was the best deal I ever found on the Equipe pro ti models. I bet they get closed out cheaper than that.

How many pros use Speedplay pedals? I think there is a reason for that and its not sponsership money. Shimano had the same problem with their Dura Ace SPD road pedals. Everyone complained they were too small and refused to use them. Shimano then came out with the SPD-R. Shoes and pedals seem to be items that are not universally sponsored (unlike components or wheels). I'm sure someone will be PO'ed by this, but I think its true. Lots of folks swear by Speedplays, but I wonder if they've tried anything else. At any rate, they are two very different pedal systems.
Have YOU tried Speedplays?phacops rana
Jun 24, 2002 8:08 AM
I haven't posted here for years, but I felt it necessary to respond to this post. I had been a loyal LOOK and then TIME rider for years (starting when LOOK first came out in 1987), but as of last year I made the switch to Speedplay's Zeros, which has made me wonder what took me so long to join the Speedplay group. I'm riding these with Sidi's G3, and for those who think Sidi's shoes are too narrow haven't tried their Mega designated models. They fit my 12EEEEs just fine. Additionally I have never had hot-spot problems with my feet using Speedplays. The platform may seem small, but the cleat (which has the retention mechanism and is thus much larger than those systems where the mechanism is in the pedal body itself) itself covers a large area which helps to disperse a lot of pressure evenly.

A couple of other things about the Zeros: TIME's Impact and LOOK's CX-7 make a big deal about having adjustable Q-factor. Well, so do Speedplays, and not only their Zeros. Simply adjust for Q by locating the cleats properly. Also, double sided entry is really so much nicer. And finally, while I personally like what TIME and LOOK have done to their newest top of the line models, whatever they do they still can't make them as light as the Speedplays. I'm not a weight weenie (at 190 I can't afford to go stupid-light), but when a product comes out that performs better than its competition and weighs less with no discernable loss in longevity, what's there not to like about that?

BTW, I think people get too scared about non-centering and/or non-adjustable float. I bought the Zeros to limit the amount of float, but with the miles I've been allowing the float angle to get larger and larger. It's a matter of comfort and it doesn't affect my riding. It does, however, affect recovery.

Oh, and another thing. I don't really care whether Speedplays are being used by X percentage of the peloton or not. Nobody uses Stronglight headsets, either, but I keep using them because they're a superb headset with a superior design at a great price. I feel the same with the Zeros. Even going with the titanium spindle, they're still less expensive than CX-7s or top-shelf Impacts. Get the SS spindle and it's practically a steal.
re: Time Equipe vs Speedplay/Sidi G4Trav
Jun 24, 2002 3:28 PM
Thanks for your advice guys, after a bit more researh here's something I thought would be worth a read!! More views appreciated.
re: Time Equipe vs Speedplay/Sidi G4Eric_H
Jun 25, 2002 10:14 AM
Shoes and pedals are very personal items. I prefer Time pedals over anything else that I have ridden (including Look and Speedplay). Here's why:

1. Large platform provides stability.
2. Enough float for me, plus it is against a spring which makes it not as "free" as Speedplay.
3. No accidental pull-outs. I've used Time for 7 years with no pull-outs.
4. Good cleat life and walking on the cleat will not affect its retention strength in the pedal.


1. Weight.
2. Cornering clearance could be better.

Of course, Time has its new Impact pedals coming out very soon. They look interesting but at this point they are very unproven. It is interesting to note that all of the Time sponsored pro teams and riders are still using the Equipe series. I have a good stock of Equipe Pro pedals and cleats and I do not envisage myself changing any time soon.

I have used Time pedals successfully with both Sidi and Carnac shoes. Depending on your foot and fit, I would recommend either brand to use with Time pedals. I would not recommend the latest Time shoe, the Equipe Pro CX. The strap arrangement is awkward and I found the way the straps were stitched to the shoe caused some pressure points on the top of my foot. The older Time Equipe Pro Profil (original yellow/red) shoes of 1997-2000 were much more comfortable.