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Ebay Seller Yourbikesource(12 posts)

Ebay Seller Yourbikesourcejromack
Jun 23, 2002 7:29 PM
Looks like they are switching names again.

Take a look at ads placed by "bikesandbeyond"
A brief history of "yourbikesource" and "bikesandbeyond"...unchained
Jun 23, 2002 8:56 PM
They are auctioning expensive shorts, but shipping cheaper ones. These are not nice people.

I had bad dealings with them. It did not help that they attempted to crash my computer with a series of viruses.

airbrushbikes "eBay sellers "yourbikesource" and "bikesandbeyond" caveat..." 6/13/02 8:12am
Irritating experienceterry b
Jun 24, 2002 7:08 AM
I paid, waited a week and then was told via US Mail they could not relate my payment to my auction as I had not written the auction number on the money order. Apparently they have no logical link between their email and their shipping. They ignore email, but will answer the phone if you're lucky enough to have their phone number(which surpisingly they provided in the letter they sent.)

My impression - they're in over their heads with too much business and not enough business sense. Some of the feedback lately though has been interesting - item sent not matching auction description.

IN may case, I got what I ordered at a reasonable price but the uncertainties are just too great to allow me to use them again.
AIRBRUSHBIKES is NOT "yourbikesource", "bikesandbeyond"....airbrushbikes
Jun 28, 2002 12:38 AM
We just wanna clear this up. Airbrushbikes is not related to "yourbikesource" or "bikeandbeyond". Airbrushbikes is based in Malaysia. We specializes in selling airbrushed road bikes and Ortlieb product only. We are genuine and legitimate operator.

you are welcome to visit our web page

Thanks and regards
Had a Good ExperienceCJMeredith
Jun 24, 2002 5:17 AM
I started reading some of these negative reviews immediately after I sent them my money for a Chris King headset ($69). Naturally, I was concerned, but I found them to be very prompt and had no problem whatsoever with them. I got a great deal and the headset is beautiful. My sole complaint is that they only accept money orders (or BidPay, which is extremely slow) and they shipped by UPS ground when it could have gone by priority mail for the same price.

So, I think it depends on what you purchase from them. I would consider buying from them again, but I would be cautious. Just wanted to make the point that they may be dirtbags, but they're not evil incarnate as they're often depicted.
Expecting new Ksyriums from them now!kapalua
Jun 24, 2002 6:12 AM
Well, I have a new set of Ksyriums SSC SL's coming from them now. They are in transit and I have a tracking #; should arrive by this Friday. Communication with them has been very good, as they are highly responsive. Will let you all know how the product arrives...

Interesting, since they got high reviews on their feedbacks...?

re: Ebay Seller YourbikesourceJuniorRacerFL
Jun 24, 2002 6:24 AM
I ordered a Polar S510 HRM from them, I sent my money order 6/17/02 so they should have at least got that by now and i emailed them to ask if they shipped it and a tracking #, but im still waiting on a response. I hope they get back to me.
re: Ebay Seller YourbikesourceMXL02
Jun 24, 2002 7:22 AM
About a month ago I won a bid for a HRM, and when I tried to pay with Bidpay, they weren't doing business with Yourbikesource...stating there were some problems. I emailed YBS and they said everything was ok, just send money order. I refused and said I felt our buyer/seller contract was terminated, since in their ad they stated they would except Bidpay. Since then I have gotten several nasty-grams from them, and now I am getting several weird emails from "Mike Reid" , someone I don't know, with attachments. I haven't opened them because I read on this board about YBS sending viruses to people they were at odds with, I wonder if this is their latest terrorist tactic.
re: Ebay Seller Yourbikesourcet-bill
Jun 24, 2002 10:00 AM
If all this negative stuff is true... someone should notify the FBI about them!!!
actually, it's the Postal Inspector--seriouslyloop
Jun 24, 2002 12:18 PM
they investigate and prosecute these things, which is good because it's a Federal crime.
let's not get out of controlfiltersweep
Jun 28, 2002 4:52 AM
I find this very difficult to believe. This is quite a stretch... and I get spam all the time, and have received worms from people long before I did business with YBS.

Let's not confuse facts here. They really do a huge volume of business. Almost all their negative feedback stems from "shipping time" (even though it is a combination of snail mail payments, and possible lack of inventory).

They are less about ripping people off and more about a complete lack of organization and infrastructure. Nobody seems to complain about the actual products that they receive, do they? Unless they receive the wrong item.

People also seem to hold them to a higher standard since they are an ebay store. There really isn't much of a return policy or wiggle room if you buy something from any old random person on ebay. They have so much business they don't take the time to be nasty. For the negative feedback they have received, they have posted very little of it for others. I, myself, am not going to give them negative feedback, since I knew what I was getting myself into with them... even though I think they should have upgraded shipping to express for free after "losing" my payment for several days and accusing my a being deadbeat after they cashed my check.
re: Ebay Seller YourbikesourceTimePedal
Jun 24, 2002 12:57 PM
Well, I got their mailing address and made a visit to see how legit they were. Ended up at a PO BOX at a mailbox etc...