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After Riding in the Rain...Clean Up(8 posts)

After Riding in the Rain...Clean Upjagiger
Jun 22, 2002 4:20 PM
I got caught in a down pour today. Until now I've pretty much avoided riding in the rain as it's not as much fun. Anyway, can someone update me & others who'd be interested to know what you should be sure to take care of after a ride in the rain. For one, it'd be helpful to know about water in hubs or bottom bracket & lubing up. I have an alum bike so I'm not worried, and I did wash & wipe it down.
Riding in the rain IS fun...especially on a cool Spring day...GreenFan
Jun 22, 2002 5:24 PM
Getting covered in road grime, grinning like an idiot at people that are warm and dry inside of their cars...ahhh Spring Classics...just wouldn't be proper without long as your BB and hubs were lubed sufficiently before the rain, and you didn't submerge or power wash directly into either, they should be fine. You may want to insure that there is no seepage into the seat tube though...even though it's aluminum, that doesn't mean that it can't or won't corrode. While your at it, have a close look at your water bottle cage mounting screws...they are magnets for corrosion whether it rains or not.
Shoes & Glovesjagiger
Jun 22, 2002 6:35 PM
I got drenched & my shoes and gloves really filled up quickly with water. I felt like I had 5 gallon gloves and not medium.

Anyway I wanted to be ready for tomorrow so, I put my shoes minus the inserts & gloves into our drier. We have an new sytle unit, equiped with a drying tray. I dried them for 30 minutes or so, on a low heat setting. Actually, I did a series 10 minute intervals as I didn't dry them all the way 'cause I was afraid of over heating the plastic to be effected. I got out most of the moisture before letting them finish at room temp. They came out pretty good.
My blue suede Chuck Taylors hate the rainp chop
Jun 23, 2002 10:39 AM
but they love my ss cruiser so they just had to get the hose. Yesterday was one of those taking-a-bath-with-the-cars in the warm city street soup rides. Just have to wear dark socks to not show the dye seepage. All hail Chucks.
I'd assume you know the obvious but, I'l say it anyway.look271
Jun 23, 2002 1:09 PM
Clean and lube the chain. If you rode for a long time in the rain, check your sidewalls on your wheels; they may have road grime built up on them as well as the brake shoes.
BTW-riding in the rain IS fun!look271
Jun 23, 2002 1:10 PM
Motorists think you're even crazier!
re: After Riding in the Rain...Clean UpCliplessjoe
Jun 23, 2002 3:26 PM
I did the Boston to Provincetown Ride last Saturday -- 130 miles and rain all day. I did all right with clothing, except for my shoes, which were filled with water. I had to stop and relube the chain a couple of times, since the hard rain was washing the lube off. Make sure you dry and lube the chain after a wet ride and you should be ok. You might also want to check your brake pads, as they can wear down excessively in the rain.
re: After Riding in the Rain...Clean Uppa rider
Jun 24, 2002 5:03 AM
I get caught in the rain once in a while. For the pass two years I did touring for a week and have one rain day for both of the tours.

Like everybody stated lube the chain. Check your wheels axles. They're steel and start to rust where they contact the frame, so they'll creek. I just relube the skewers if they're rusty looking. If you don't checkthe wheels, the next time you flat in the rear wheel it may not come off easy (especially when your out on the road). Mine did this two years ago and I thought I was going to need a big wrench to get the skewer open (I had a steel bike).

I found the seatpost sometimes get creaky, and my saddles needs regrease on the rails. Worst thing about getting in the rain on touring is that your saddle may not dry out for days and definately breaks the saddle.

I destroyed a saddle one tour when I got caught in the rain the first day and then rode 400 miles the next 6 days. The saddle was a Terry saddle, so I figured it was a lowend saddle weak point.

Owning an aluminum Cannandale I seem to get the bottom bracket to creak after riding in the rain. I wouldn't remove it until it does creak. Last tuesday I got caught in a rain storm that dropped over 1/2 inch of water and I crossed one high puddle (over 12 inches).

I had to drain my wheels (ksyrium ssc sl), which got 8 oz of water each. My frame has the holes in the chain stay, so I just stood the frame up to drain the bottom bracket. I got about 40 oz out of the frame. So far it hasn't creaked, but if does I'll take it to the lbs to relube the bottom bracket shell.

Your crank bolt may creak. I haven't got these intergrated ones to creak so that may be a strong point for them. Your handlebar, and stem bolts may show rust. My theory is if something starts creaking then lube it. It probably needed lube and riding in the rain just made it obvious because your expecting something to creak.

Wheels seem to rust first and should be check periodically reguardless if your riding in rain or snow. Just like riding in winter the parts seem to need more attention based on the conditions you ride.

Hope this helps.