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Beater bike. Components and such....(5 posts)

Beater bike. Components and such....Fender
Jun 21, 2002 7:48 PM
I'm gonna build a beater bike, thats going to be more of a commuter bike, but in case it gets stolen/driven over/smashed etc... I don't really want to spend too much on it. Heres what I plan on building.
- "retro" steel Ciocc with a mtb fork (no suspension)
- 9 speed mtb drivetrain with road crankset 39x52
- older 105 hubs with whatever rims and spokes
- cow horn handlebars with bar end shifters or frame shifters and diacomp brake levers

does this sound like a good and working setup???
re: Beater bike. Components and such....SelfPropelled
Jun 21, 2002 11:52 PM
Sounds like everything should work together nicely. One suggestion for the shifters may be a set of on sale shimano rapid fire shifters/brakes, had the set on sale for about 35$ These "whatever i have laying around" franken bikes are always fun to look at when your done.
Have Fun~Ryan
Sounds cool, post a pic when you're done! nmLeisure
Jun 22, 2002 2:21 AM
gonna start building it upFender
Jun 22, 2002 9:32 PM
I took the frame to a buddy who has everything needed for a shop except for the cash register and he's going to build it for me with old stuff he has laying around his place. I'm going to post a picture once its ready, should be about two weeks!!!! looking forward to my third bike and trashing it around San Francisco!!!
gonna start building it upSelfPropelled
Jun 23, 2002 12:45 PM
Hey Fender whats it like riding in Frisco? Is it pretty hectic with all the cars n' hills or what. I havn't done alot of congested city riding and woder how bad {or good?} it gets. Any tips? thnx ~ryan