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Why doesn't Huffy Make roadbikes anymore?(12 posts)

Why doesn't Huffy Make roadbikes anymore?Geddy
Jun 21, 2002 2:00 PM
I am not looking for a fast bike. I just would like to find a road bike by Huffy or Murray for about $100. How come they don't make them anymore?
They do make road bikes....Niwot
Jun 21, 2002 2:40 PM
Huffy owns Airborne, so if you want a Huffy road bike, here you go....
According to some...Uncle Tim
Jun 21, 2002 2:46 PM
...they make "babies". Made in China babies.
It's going to cost a wee bit more than $100.00firstrax
Jun 21, 2002 4:43 PM
K give me a breakPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Jun 21, 2002 6:56 PM
Huffy does not make Airborne with the same standard of quality as they make Huffy.
Huffy does not make Airborne. (nm)collinsc
Jun 23, 2002 10:03 AM
Because they SUCK???? (nm)Alexx
Jun 21, 2002 5:52 PM
Didn't LeMond and Eric Heiden ride them in the Tour de France?jose_Tex_mex
Jun 23, 2002 7:45 PM
I am nearly 100% sure that LeMond and team mate Eric Heiden (yes, the gold medalist speed skater) rode them during the Tour de France for Team 7-11.
I guess they didn't suck that bad.
Didn't LeMond and Eric Heiden ride them in the Tour de France?Romani
Jun 23, 2002 8:55 PM
Actually, those bikes were made for 7-11 by Ben Serotta. They were just rebadged as Huffys.
Motobecane Mirage $325 @ spam)STEELYeyed
Jun 21, 2002 6:05 PM
that is the cheapest new road bike that I can find anywhere.
Yo! Buy Used!SelfPropelled
Jun 22, 2002 1:34 PM
I saw some great road bikes go on ebay for less than a hundred. A schwinn tempo for one and some late 70s bikes in good condition. Take care ~ Ryan
If Huffy built an airplane, would you fly in it?"Straightblock
Jun 24, 2002 10:38 AM
One of my LBS's has this printed on their shop's waterbottles.

Seriously, spend a Saturday hitting yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores & there's a good chance you'll come away with a much better bike for a lot less than $100. Take a knowledgeable friend with you to help with fit & to check the bike's condition. With the change from the $100 you can buy new tires, cables, etc if needed.