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Cycling in Bar Harbour Maine(4 posts)

Cycling in Bar Harbour Mainenuggets
Jun 21, 2002 5:34 AM
Is this a good place for road biking? I am going to be there for several days and I am looking into renting or taking my bike with me.

Thoughts, anyone?
re: Cycling in Bar Harbour MaineJames A
Jun 21, 2002 6:31 AM
The roads in the area are a little tight without shoulders. There are some nice roads in Acadia, but again, there are no shoulders and many tourists driving SUV's. You could rent a MTB if you do not own one and take a ride on the carriage roads in the park. They are bikes, hikers, and horses only. Nothing real challenging, but safe.

I was just there last weekend and was trying to figure out if the riding would be good. The roads are similiar to the ones I often ride, but the added tourists make it tough. You could always ride away from Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island and then the riding might improve.
I was up there a few years agoMike P
Jun 21, 2002 6:46 AM
We spent a week or so climbing in Acadia in the last week of June. We had Mtn. bikes but didn't have road bikes. All through Acadia, the roads were in very good shape and would be good for a road bike. I was amazed at the scenery; take a camera. Also, with as many people that go to the park, the car traffic was not awful.

Also, it seems like there was a road north-west of Acadia that also would be good for a ride. I don't think it even goes anywhere in particular. It's just a road to nowhere through some pretty terrain.

re: Cycling in Bar Harbour Mainehikerryank
Jun 21, 2002 7:44 AM
I grew up about an hour from there and spent many summers in the area. We have a camp that looks over onto the island. The island does have a lot of tourists and a ton of RVs. Most will be from Florida, Mass, and Canada. I'll leave the driving abilities of these areas to your own opinion. The speed limit on the two main roads on the island is pretty high (55) with small shoulders. There are many places to ride though on smaller roads and it really is pretty. I've heard there is a century held in the fall and it is supposed to be one of the hardest in New England. The carriage trails in the park are fun especially if you have a family with you. I like Around the Mountain, but it may be a little hard if you have little ones. If I were you, I'd bring the road bike and play for a couple of days. There will be plenty of places to ride, and it is one of the few areas in the state where bikes are not a surprise to drivers.
Things to make sure you hit:
Ben and Bills Chocolate Emporium for Ice Cream
The Jordan Pond House for Popovers (good break while riding the Carriage Roads and there will be other people there in spandex)
The Deck House- staff sings show-tunes while you eat (good place to bring a date but check with a local about the food quality. It varys from year to year)
Cadillac Mountain Sports is the best shop on the island if you need repairs or parts.
Ride up Cadillac- you will go up and down faster than the cars (if you are really ambitious, bring a light so you can be at the top for sunrise and be the first person in the US to see the sun come up.
If you decide to bring the bike, get a map first thing so you can find the good roads. There is only one bridge off the island, so you can't get too lost.
Have fun and e-mail me at if you have any questions or want some more highlights to go to.