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Strange Looks....does this happen to you?(15 posts)

Strange Looks....does this happen to you?jagiger
Jun 20, 2002 4:45 PM
I'm in the grocery store & I'm heading to the exit & this women is looking down at me. At first I thinking that she's checking out my crotch or something...but then I decide, "no she's to old for something like that...(I think) 'cause she was pushing 60". Then I figure that she must be checking my "glove tan" which looks pretty some kind of disease. Actually, my sister-in-law thought as much when I showed her my hand. Do you get this kind of stuff?? It seems kind of fun now.
Stare at my shaved legs...biknben
Jun 20, 2002 5:14 PM
Since it has warmed up, I started riding into work. I started the job over the winter. It was getting around the office that I shaved my legs. A few weeks ago I came in with shorts on. The first guy I see says hello to me but is looking down at my legs. Never made eye contact with me.

I now know what a large breasted women feels like.
I'm partial to the shaved leg look myselfKristin
Jun 21, 2002 5:36 AM
I'd have gazed at you in the checkout line too. Isn't that why they call it a "checkout" line? Tanlines are an added bonus.
"I now know what a large breasted women feels like."U of A racer
Jun 21, 2002 6:42 AM
They've always felt pretty damn nice to me.
I love shaved legs.gerwerken
Jun 21, 2002 7:33 PM
There is nothing sexier than a man with shaved legs and tan lines. The shaved legs are esp nice during cuddle time....
YepI Love Shimano
Jun 20, 2002 7:00 PM
Mostly from fat assed guys on mountain bikes who never take their bikes off road. Freakin posers.
Your first mistake!!! :-)jose_Tex_mex
Jun 21, 2002 5:28 AM
Your first mistake is attempting to speculate on what a women is thinking - don't try it as it is not knowable and has led many a good many down the road to ruin.
Who knows, she might have been checking you out. I myself get the glove tan stare. How about the tan only on the backs of your calves or the top of your quads?
Spotty leg tan too.....last year, neither with Aruba tan [nm]jagiger
Jun 21, 2002 8:32 PM
Do looks of horror count?off roadie
Jun 21, 2002 6:24 AM
I get a lot of comments on leg "injuries". This is especially true when I show up at group road rides (on a normal, clipless pedalled road bike). For some reason, those folks seem to think a half dozen 1/8th inch scabs must be evidence of a near-death experience. I do some heavy technical mountin biking, and I do fall off, but its nothing serious. Usually its just scrathces and nicks on my shins from brush and my BMX pedals.

Folks at the grocery store and elswhere don't seem to care enough to stare. Probably the figure I'm a skate boarder- I've kinda got the look. I've got a "glove tan", but my gloves cover the whole back of my hand, so it isn't quite so odd looking. Actually, a gardener or construction worker might have a similar tan and leg injuries.
Do looks of horror count?Hap
Jun 21, 2002 6:45 AM
They're probably thinking that they don't what to be around you in a paceline. I never take the wheel of the guy with the big gash in his helmet. :)

I'm Wearing a Kilt at Work, so . . . yeah. . .MisJG
Jun 21, 2002 9:26 AM
Rode in to work today and it's almost 90 degrees outside. Dreaded the idea of putting on pants on such a hot day (or any day for that matter), but how to get around my company's "no shorts for men" policy? Ahhh, Sportkilt to the rescue! The women in my office wear skirts and sandals every day, so I decided that on Fridays, when I ride to work, I could do the same. My Manager (a woman) actually backed me up, saying I have nicer legs than she does! Oddly enough, no one has said anything about my legs being shaved yet. . .
re: Strange Looks....are cycling clothes fashionable?Straightblock
Jun 21, 2002 9:52 AM
When I was in a restaurant during the recent NBA Finals, I saw a family where the father & his two sons were dressed in full Lakers uniforms-socks, shorts, & jerseys with the players' numbers & names. Nothing unusual about that, right?

Yet, during the Tour next month, if I dressed myself and my family in full USPS outfits and went out to eat, I'm sure most people would think we were odd.
sports gearTypeOne
Jun 21, 2002 10:41 AM
I rode home last year after a Mariner playoff game at home (I think they lost, so fans were testy.) I was wearing a plain, yellow jersey from Performance as I waited for a horde of baseball fans to jaywalk in front of me. Some clown says rudely, "Hey look, there's Lance Armstrong!" His friend snickered. Both were wearing Mariner jerseys, so I responded, "Hey look! It's Ichiro Suzuki!" and I smiled.
Why is it so acceptable for fans to wear sports gear from everything but cycling?
Come to think of it, why was I offended by this guy's comment???
re: Strange Looks....does this happen to you?krazykona00
Jun 21, 2002 2:02 PM
Yeah, I get strange looks around here (Phoenix), usually from locals on $20 Huffys and Ghetto cruisers, while I roll by in full gear on a nice bike. I take it in stride. Tan lines are also an attention getter. I wear full finger gloves (Fox), so my hands are either all white or just the tops of them get tanned. Its funny.
Yeah, locals here too, but the kids...jagiger
Jun 21, 2002 8:47 PM
...on the school buses are always checking me & my bike to see what's up. I think that's real cool!! They seem interested!

Actually, my young nephew (9ish) thought it was wild that I rode my bike to his house (about 18-19miles) & the older one was incredibly uninterested. He thought is was too much work & he wouldn't do it (I think he was coping his dad's attitude.) Anyway, he's at the age where we won't wear a helmet 'cause it doesn't look good. I keep after him though.