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Advice on Switching Ultegra Gears Efficiently.(3 posts)

Advice on Switching Ultegra Gears Efficiently.StuartHB
Jun 20, 2002 4:19 PM
I just purchased a used Road Bike with Ultegra components.
On the right side of the handle bar, the first small black
shifter increases the gears and by pushing the brake sideways decreases the gear (1-9). The left side works
opposite where the black decreases, brake sideways increases. (10-18).

It there any good sites which gives a better understanding
to using gears, especially downshifting ? I guess using
the bike more with experience will help me.

Check this out...Lon Norder
Jun 20, 2002 5:02 PM

Just remember this: big lever takes you to bigger cog, small lever takes you to smaller cog.

On the front, bigger cog is a higher gear. On the back, bigger cog is a lower gear.

Shifting will be second nature after a little while.
you'll get used to it.weiwentg
Jun 20, 2002 5:44 PM
both of the secondary levers reduce cable tension. on the front derailleur, this gives you a smaller chainring - lower gear. on the rear, this gives you a smaller cog and a larger gear. Campy's Ergo system would work the same way (I think). but you will adapt to it pretty fast. fret not.