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Leader frame maker?(4 posts)

Leader frame maker?Heilx
Jun 20, 2002 3:41 PM
I'm looking to become a roadie, and I am shopping frames and bikes. First of all, am I going to end of spending too much money if I build one up? And second, does anyone know anything about this company and their frames. They're all over Ebay. I'm looking at one of their carbon/alu (LD780) frames and a Fuji Team.

I should rename this newbie questions! (nm)Heilx
Jun 20, 2002 4:29 PM
re: fuji team framepa rider
Jun 21, 2002 3:35 AM
My one lbs (world cup) sells fuji bikes. The one shop mechanic loves his new fuji team frame. I haven't ever heard anybody complain about them and you can't complain about the price.

I would get the fuji because they're a well know company and been selling for years in usa. I was looking at them if I wanted to go with carbon aluminuin bike. I bought a mtb bike, so next year I'll buy a merlin (can't aford two $2000+ bikes in one year).

Just my 2 cents, because everybody know it the ride or geometry that matters to help you make a better decision.
I'd be leaning towards the Fuji...biknben
Jun 21, 2002 4:07 AM
I've never heard of Leader bikes. They have two US dealers and apparently sell a lot of Ebay?

In the last few years fuji has created a reputation for building quality bikes at bare bones prices. There are only a few manufacturers who can match their price. If the geometry fits you, I'd say Fuji all the way.