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Seven Axiom vs. Dean ED XL(6 posts)

Seven Axiom vs. Dean ED XLopencl
Jun 19, 2002 5:47 PM
Lets say price is about the same... which one is better?
Assuming price was the sameloop
Jun 20, 2002 4:41 AM
I would go with the Seven. Here's why. Seven claims, at least, to custom butt the tubes based on the consumer's specifications. The Dean ED XL uses standard Reynolds butted tubes, which, while light, are not custom butted. In stead, Dean selects pipe diameters to tune the ride as best they can.

Still, that doesn't suggest that there is anything lacking in Dean's Reynolds tubes.

The geometries are both cutsom and while some can claim that Seven's 10-zillion question order form better suits custom ideosychrosies, Dean still works with the customer to design the desired quailities into the bike. In the end, I'd bet that their CAAD programs aren't too different.

Back to reality, however. There's a far cry between $2500 for a Seven Axiom and $1800 for a Dean ED XL frame. Likewise, if you desire you can have Dean put a build kit together or even build the bike. Their prices have releatively little mark-up compared to a lot of other internet retailers.

...Or you could go with the uber-Merlin that Lazy posted. In any case, it's all good.

Either way...opencl
Jun 20, 2002 7:46 AM
If I am fitted with the Seven order form. Will the extra measurements be helpful to Dean in making a better bike?
I'm sure it wouldloop
Jun 20, 2002 9:34 AM
Or at least it would allow Dean to extrapolate the info. Have you contacted them yet? I didn't buy custom through them, but I'm curious to know how the process goes for you (if you don't mind passing it along).

Seven's form and required measurements are substantial, and I'm sure Dean will be able to apply your dimensions and ride qualities to the bike that they will build.

Have fun,
I'm sure it wouldopencl
Jun 20, 2002 10:33 AM
Regardless of what I get, I would get it through my bike shop... They fit everyone with seven forms.
wow...great shop...marry her/it! ;-)~loop
Jun 20, 2002 10:46 AM