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mountain bike question(5 posts)

mountain bike questionMr Lou
Jun 19, 2002 2:41 PM
Ok, i know this is probably the wrong forum to ask this, but didnt work...ok if there are any mountain bike guys, i have a question. I bought a Fuel 98 Frameset last year and built it up. However, I have completely moved to road and after a less than a year and probably less than 75 miles i want to sell my bike...the specs are as follows

Trek Fuel 98 Frameset
Marzocchi Atom 80
Fox Float R
Mavic x317 with Magura (DT Hugi Hubs)
Magura Louise disc brakes
Panaracer Fire XCs
Thomson Seatpost and Stem
KING headset
Full XT
Time ATAC Alium pedals
Selle Italia Flite Gel

Here is a pic and you can see its in great condition except for a small nick on the right fork lower. I have never sold a bike so i really have no clue where to start or at what price. Originally it was somewhhere over 3500
put it on eBay and find out (nm)laffeaux
Jun 19, 2002 4:24 PM
You probably won't be happy.....dirthead
Jun 19, 2002 5:32 PM
but here is a link to an eBay auction that sold a new Fuel 98 with similar components It sold for $1955. You might get $2000-$2500 for it if the right person comes along. Ebay or mtbr's classifieds would definitely be the best place to sell it, unless you can find someone locally. The only problem with Ebay is their fees, which can be quite high for an item of that value. Your LBS might even sell it on consignment for you.

Hope that helps.
re: mountain bike questionpa rider
Jun 20, 2002 6:22 AM
Hi Lou. I ride MTB for 12 years, plus do a little XC racing. Like the other guys say try ebay and hope you can get $2000. I see trek 5200 road bikes in the same MRSP price ($3500) go for $2000.

There is one problem with the new fuel frames. My three local mtb clubs (YAMBA, SAMBA, and RCST) had three guys break the frames. Trek used a narrow or you can say thin tubing where the front derailer sits. The Samba president busted his in two places and having a hard/long time getting the bike warrenty. The other two guys said it broke in the same place.

I would find one on ebay and see how the auction goes to set your reserve price. I'm saying because of the frame issues could be the reason why you can't get $2500 for example. You may get lucky and some guys may have a bidding war.

List you bike size. You didn't say if it's medium or 18inch size. If you don't get any reasonable price I would see about selling your parts. Hell your parts are one of the best (time pedals, marzocci fork, xt groupo, king headset for example). Hope you don't have to go that route because of the shipping.

Good luck. Thought you should know about the frame problem.

re: FYI..Bad newspa rider
Jun 20, 2002 6:27 AM
The Trek fuel bikes aren't selling on ebay well. I found 1 out of 4 going for $925. Your model is listed for starting price $700 and no bites.

Maybe you can list it at one of your LBS shops. I sold a few frames that way and some of my parts.

Good luck