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Stolen Kona Bikes (yes, even some road and a track bike)(3 posts)

Stolen Kona Bikes (yes, even some road and a track bike)gregg
Jun 19, 2002 12:26 PM
(The following is an excerpt from a press release from the Kona racing team)


The Kona/SRAM truck was ripped-off en route from Alpine Valley to the
Snowshoe, WV NORBA event. Following is the driver/team manager's report.
To get to the list of what was heisted, scroll down to the bottom.

Any help you can lend to get the word out is greatly appreciated.


Mike Geraci
Base Camp Communications
(307) 734-7575


6.18.02 - Robin's Journal - Plymouth, Indiana
MISSING: Faith in Humanity (and most of my worldly possessions)

There weren't Little Pink Houses everywhere, but the hamlet of Plymouth,
Indiana seemed like a nice enough place to get some horizontal time. We
had been driving late, to make up some time between the Alpine Valley,
Wisconsin NORBA event and the next event in Snowshoe, West Virginia. I
was driving the big truck for SRAM and Steve Ziegler, who helps me at
these events, was driving my van and trailer. Tracy Moseley, a swell
gal from Great Britain and also a recent World Cup downhill winner for
Kona, was riding shotgun in the SRAM vehicle with me. As we approached
Plymouth through an open stretch of cornfields (yawn), a Super 8 Motel
billboard effectively did it's job, and Steve came on the radio " . . .
how 'bout stoppin here". I retorted with a big "ten-four good buddy"
and Tracy concurred in her usual polite English manner.

We pulled into the parking just before midnight, made sure everything
was secure and then checked into the hotel. Early the next morning, I
awoke hastily from a haze of dreams, that I think involved Marla Streb
and a trapeze, to the annoying tones of my wireless phone ring. It was
5 a.m., and the caller ID indicated that it was my mother.

I knew that my mom usually woke up early, and I thought that maybe she
didn't realize how everybody else didn't. I neglected to answer that
call, but another call came just a few minutes later, before I could get
back to Marla. I didn't recognize the phone number, but tried to answer
anyway. Unfortunately, my phone has been accidentally dropped in the
toilet too many times, and I couldn't get it to answer.

I decided to retrieve my voice messages using the hotel phone and heard
my mother's nervous voice telling me that my van had been found
abandoned in a cornfield somewhere in Indiana. The police had run my
tag, and tracked that to my parent's phone number. Consequently,
another message on my voice mail was the police, whom I phoned shortly
after making a call to mom telling her that I was o.k. The police asked
where I was staying, and they would send officers over.

I announced to the dark hotel room "uh guys . . . my van and trailer
have been stolen". Steve and Tracy awoke with disbelief, and we
gathered and waited in the lobby for the police. They didn't come for
several hours, because they were looking at a Super 8 Motel in the next
county, where my van had been abandoned. In the meantime, I looked
around in the parking lot where my van used to be. I found a fresh pile
of cat crap in the parking lot near where the van was. Usually, finding
cat crap is not a noteworthy experience, but since my cat Jack was
sleeping in his bed in the van the last time I saw him, I was overjoyed.
We combed the parking lot and adjacent businesses, and sure enough,
Steve found him comfortably sleeping in a broken piece of furniture by
the hotel's dumpster. Whew!

Because the police couldn't find us for those few hours, they impounded
the vehicle to the Hee-Haw-esque establishment of Bud's Towing and
Wrecker. After the police finally figured out where we were staying,
I talked to two uniformed officers that were about seemed as intelligent
as a bag of hammers. We hadn't seen the vehicle yet, so we couldn't
tell them what was missing or what damage had been done, etc.
Eventually we got directions to Bud's and loaded up in the SRAM vehicle.

Ron, the owner of Bud's Towing and Wrecker, opened the gates and pointed
to our vehicle, while remorsefully shaking his head. The driver's door
lock had been punched through, and the steering column was torn to
pieces. The interior of the van, which had a couch that converted to a
bed, was completely trashed and all of the contents removed. The dash
was torn apart and the passenger airbag was missing. Pancake mix, which
was one of the food items that I had in the van, was strewn about the
interior. All of Steve and Tracy's personal items, save for the clothes
they were wearing, and a couple of items that they brought in the hotel,
were now gone. Tracy's passport and cash prize money from the weekend .
. . gone. Of course, the five bikes we were carrying in the van, gone.
All of my tools, spare parts, work stands and supplies, gone. The
entire contents of the trailer, which was mostly items that I help
Michelin transport from event to event, gone. Essentially, most
everything that I need to have my business function, gone.

Police detective showed up at the impound, once I sternly informed them
of the magnitude of the theft. They were nice enough fellas that asked
a lot of questions, took pictures, prints and notes. They also took a
dry erase board that was mounted on the trailer door back to the "lab"
for analysis. The previously blank board now read "Thanks!" with a
smiley face drawn below.

Once the detectives had left, we cleaned up the van somewhat and I paid
the $125 impound fee. Ron was nice enough to throw a screwdriver in the
deal that jammed nicely into the ignition, so we could drive away.

So, if you see any of the unique items listed below at a flea market or
anywhere else, give me a ring:

Team Kona Mt. Bikes (2)
- full suspension, w/ the King Kikapu design
- team colors, navy blue and red w/ "Kabush" and "Wedge" respectively on
the top tubes
- custom (these bikes only) cable stops on down tube for Fox lock out
- custom (these bikes only) gusset between the non-drive side seat and
chain stays
- full Shimano XTR group w/ Race Face seat post, stem, bars and headset
- shiny red & silver Tioga saddle

Schwinn Madison Track Bike
- custom red & black paint with "Conundrum Cycling" on the downtube and
"Robin" on the top tube
- Campy Record track cranks
- custom Vicious Cycles fork
- rare steel Kiron bars
- red Chris King headset

Kona Kapu Scandium Road Bike
- custom red & black paint with "Conundrum Cycling" on the downtube and
"Robin" on the top tube
- full Shimano Durace group w/ downtube, Lance style, shifter for front
- Reynolds carbon fork, Easton carbon bars, custom titanium seatpost

Cannondale Cad3 Mt. Bike
- black w/ red & yellow decals
- Marzocchi suspension
- Sun Ringle S.U.V. wheelset

Tools & Equipment
- custom bicycle repair stands with Park Tools clamp and Ultimate
Support folding base (x5)
- Snap-On yellow, plastic, 5 drawer tool case choked w/ specialty
bicycle tools custom fit to foam cut outs
- Howe professional tool case, yellow, w/ DeWalt cordless drill &
specialty tools
- Park Tools TS-2 wheel truing stands (x2)
- dozens of Plano boxes with small parts
- dozens of red bins with bicycle parts, cleaning and shop supplies,

Michelin Products and Equipment
- an arse load of downhill, mt. bike & road tires and tubes
- colorful Bib jerseys, t-shirts, caps, socks, buttons, stickers,
banners and other soft goods
- 10x20 blue & yellow tent and frame
- unique blue table covers
- small compressor

Kona Equipment
- brand spankin' new 10x20 black & blue tent and frame w/ sidewalls
- loads of stickers and banners
- tiki lights

Sun Ringle Equipment
- 10x10 tent tops (x2), black, red & silver
- several wheelsets, pedals, skewers and a small parts kit
- banners

Michael Geraci
Base Camp Communications
90 E. Broadway, Suite 201
P.O. Box 1416
Jackson, WY 83001
p- (307) 734-7575
f- (307) 734-0505
son of a biiitttch!!!EJC
Jun 20, 2002 4:13 AM
What a HORRIBLE thing to happen!

Word is going out to all the local bike shops both here in the North Country, and to my old shops in Montreal.

I'll email this out to some bike shops over in Burlington as well.

I hope you get your gear back. What happened is lower than words can express.

re: Stolen Kona Bikes (yes, even some road and a track bike)WhoWasThat
Jun 20, 2002 8:24 AM
What a terrible story.

I hope shop owners and prospective buyers in the used market will pay attention to the details in case they come across some of the gear.

You sound like a nice bunch. Sorry it happened to you.