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Got 1200 Bucks(8 posts)

Got 1200 Bucksbikesforpeace
Jun 19, 2002 12:08 PM
I'm trying to get into road biking. So I'm thinking one of the first things I need is a bike. I've been doing a lot of research. Some days I feel like I've got things figured out and I know what I want. Then there are days like today, man if only I could spend a little more. Anyway, I've got $1200 to spend and want a bike that will last and could be used for training,racing,long rides, etc. I'd like to here some of your suggestions.
re: Got 1200 BucksNo_sprint
Jun 19, 2002 12:14 PM
My suggestion is start lookin' around and get fitted. Secondly, for $1200 you can get something pretty darn good and maybe even almost fully Ultegra. Lastly, if you wait two or three more months, you'll start finding places looking to unload 2002 bikes and make space for the new stuff. That is a perfect time to hit the superstores that move a lot of volume. Places like Supergo unload incredible deals at these times and they carry a lot of stuff so you'll be able to get on a correct size ride. In my experience, lots of small shops say you fit great on whatever they happen to have. Good luck.
re: Got 1200 BucksMe Dot Org
Jun 19, 2002 12:52 PM
Fit, fit, fit. There are a lot of decent bikes at that price point, the important thing is fit.

Go to several Local Bike Shops (LBS) and test ride bikes in that price range. Find one that really fits you.

The object is not to be a bike owner it's to be a bike rider. Find a bike that you like to ride.
re: Got 1200 BucksDark Sonix
Jun 19, 2002 12:54 PM
My GF just starting cycling and picked up a 2002 bianchi veloce for about $1300. you can also find 2001 veloces for about 1100.

its a solid classic italian made steel bike, nice campagnolo veloce parts, and mavic cxp rims/veloce hubs.

she loves the ride (steel feel, stability).
re: Got 1200 Bucksfretking
Jun 19, 2002 3:13 PM
Remember that there are other expenses to consider that you certainly don't want to go cheap on. Well made, good fitting shoes are a must and may set you back $75.00 to $150.00 bucks easy, if not more. Also, don't skimp on cycling shorts. I learned the hard way. Spend the money! Helmet, jersey, gloves, dedicated sunglasses, cycling socks, a good pump with a built-in gauge, and water bottles are all neccesities. You may want to hold a few bucks in reserve for these immediate expenses as you will have to buy these items in order to start riding. Just my two cents!

Happy buying!!
re: Got 1200 BucksRaiderMike
Jun 19, 2002 7:46 PM
I built my first road bike last fall while recovering from knee surgery. I built it around a GT frame, and carbon fork set, and used all ultegra components, with the exception of 105 brake calipers, and built the rest with solid components for about $850. There is no way I could have bought a bike off the showroom with equal components for the same $. I shopped around for everything, and saved a bundle. If you want details let me know.
Start saving your money...Matno
Jun 19, 2002 7:57 PM
Not that $1200 won't buy you a dang nice bike, it's just that buying a bike is only the beginning of a long train of purchases... (Kind of like when my wife asked the insurance rep if the delivery of our daughter was really only going to cost us $100. She replied: "Heavens no! That's just the beginning!) OK, you can probably get away with far fewer costs than some of us have, but for me, biking is an expensive hobby. I only have 1 road bike and 1 mountain bike, but I have a tight budget, and it seems that there is always something to replace, upgrade, or just plain buy! Have fun. In that price range, you should be happy as long as the bike fits well. See if you can find a shop with a fitting machine (made by Serrotta?) Can't think of a better, quicker way to figure that big question out.
I was in the same shoes 2 weeks agoniteschaos
Jun 20, 2002 9:02 AM
if you are just getting into road bikes you'll need pedals and shoes and helmet and floor pump and such and goes on. Get a 800 dollar bike and you'll be doing good to get out the shop at 1000 dollars. As a beginer you won't be able to tell the difference between Ultegra and Dura-Ace, or 105 even. I get a Felt F75 with full Tiagra and a 105 Rear Derailer for 800 and got out the shop fully loaded with tax for under a thousand. I'm surprised that it didn't take any time for me to get used to the ride cause the double butted frame rides incredible for the price. I get in 100 miles a week and am pleased with my ride. Go to and look at the stats. I'd say to get the real road bike experience don't go below Tiagra cause then you can't shift from the drops.