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Lessons you learn over and over. And over. Plus, saddles..(7 posts)

Lessons you learn over and over. And over. Plus, saddles..Leisure
Jun 18, 2002 11:22 PM
Ever have a problem, tell yourself "I'll never do that again", only to remember that's what you had said last time? And it only gets more embarassing after the fourth or fifth time? "No, really, this time really is the last." Well, here are a few that tend to come up for me. I'm interested in what others find themselves relearning. Maybe we can stop each other before we go out and do it again. Serious and funny responses both welcome.

1. Never practice wheelies wearing clipless pedals.

2. The day you go riding without gloves is the day you shred up your hands in a crash.

3. Just because the guy riding with you has a pump, toolkit, wheeltruing device, CO2 cartridges, and tire sealant doesn't mean he has a tube.

4. This is the serious one which I'm thinking may account for some people's varying experiences with cutout/formfitting seats. I hadn't been able to figure out why I had been getting intermittent numbness this year on my once seemingly infallible Terry Fly seat when the last two seasons I never had a problem. Yesterday I went on a mountain ride, but my padded shorts were in the wash, so I went in jean shorts. This had been a problem trail for me all year, because it maintained essentially the same mild incline all the way up that hits me with the hardest numbness. But in my jean shorts I didn't have any, and then I remembered: THICK PADDING IN YOUR SHORTS MUTES THE BENEFIT OF THE CUTOUT BY DIFFUSING YOU BODYWEIGHT BACK OVER THE AREA THAT THE CUTOUT IS ATTEMPTING TO PROTECT. I never wore my bike shorts on mellow trails last year, only on the ones that were too steep to give me any numbness. This year I had been using padded bike shorts almost exclusively, and have been getting more (though confusingly intermittent) numbness. Guess I'm going to buy more shorts with thinner padding. So, for those still struggling with different saddles, here's yet another thing to think about. And check your shorts.
A lesson you learn "over an over" was never learned.refusenik
Jun 19, 2002 4:06 AM
Bring sugar on long rides!Nessism
Jun 19, 2002 5:07 AM
For some reason I never remember. Maybe the bonking is causing brain damage?

Another lesson! Have you been there?Juanmoretime
Jun 19, 2002 6:00 AM
Leave well enough alone! That new piece of candy, component for you bike, catches your eye. Your bike is already working flawlessly. You buy it, and then find you need to buy something else to make it work properly on your bike. Or you buy it put it on your bike only to find you have the dreaded creak and keep replacing components until you eliminate it. You have now spent hundreds more than you had originally had intended to.

Have you been there?
Amen! Leave well enough alonetarwheel
Jun 19, 2002 6:11 AM
Switched to the much ballyhooed Speedplay pedals this spring because I was annoyed by my Looks' creaking noises. After never, ever experiencing knee problems, they started bothering me with the Speeds and I still haven't totally worked through the problem even after ditching the Speeds and going back to Looks. Repeat after me: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Another lesson I've learned the hard way -- don't experiment with adjusting saddle height and things like that while out on a long ride. You guessed it, I snapped a seatpost binder bolt twice while 20 miles from home trying to make minor adjustments on the road. I now carry a spare, but won't be making any more adjustments while riding unless absolutely necessary.
Excellent advice.gs6769
Jun 19, 2002 7:35 AM
I needed to read these words today as I was eyeing Ultegra in the (snicker) Colorado Cyclist catalog (really, JUST the Ultegra) this morning. Once I got to work and thought about my ride last night I realized that the 105 I've got is working perfecly well and suits my purposes quite nicely. I've decided to chill and replace stuff as need and common sense dictate. Thanks.
Don't let the ego make promises my body can't keep. -nmTig
Jun 19, 2002 6:35 AM