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Got hit today.(8 posts)

Got hit today.Atombomber
Jun 18, 2002 7:44 PM
Just riding along, and bimbo decided to pull out right in front of me. I was riding along the highway which has wide shoulders, and plenty of bike traffic. As I approached an entrance to a subdivision (om my right), a pickup was waiting to turn left out of the subdivision to cross the highway and head in the opposite direction I was riding. The driver was looking right at me, yet continued to proceed. Her driver's side window was open, and I was yelling loudly. When I realized she wasn't going to stop I hit the brakes but 53x15 at 90ish cadence equalled a skid, right into the side of the truck. Haven't had a chance to check with alignment tools, but frame seems ok. Both Ultegra shifters are cracked and twisted, front Rolf Vector Comp wheel has a very slight wobble (1mm), saddle has damage to the leather, and bar is twisted, but I don't know if it is still true. The driver was going to drive away, but she stayed as soon as I called 911 to request the police. Now I have to deal with the insurance company to get my bike back in order asap. Since I'm not hurt, I'm not going to take any legal action. She was ticketed for failing to yield, plus will have her insurance premiums increased. British Columbia requires all automobiles to be at least partially insured by ICBC, so I should get everything resolved. Just a pain in the arse to not be able to road ride for lack of a bike for a little while.
glad to hear your okayFender
Jun 18, 2002 8:17 PM
Sorry to hear about your incident with the bimbo, but at least your in one piece and your bike was not totaled.
good luck with insurance.
Follow-up question?Atombomber
Jun 18, 2002 9:36 PM
What are the chances that my Trek 5200 OCLV frame and fork were damaged in the collision? The impact was hard enough to twist the stem around the steerer tube and break and twist both STI controls, yet the front wheel only has about 1mm lateral tweak in one spot. Headset still moves unrestricted, wheel appears to sit square in the dropouts. I have yet to go over the bike to find scratches, since there were none before the crash. If there is the possibility that there is some frame damage, I want to replace the complete bike over risking future problems.

Follow-up question?pa rider
Jun 19, 2002 3:49 AM
Her insurance will pay for the accident, so I would get your local lbs to do the appraisal. therefore I would request a new frame, since it is carbon. I broke two carbon frames (1 mtb and 1 road bike, which I did hit a car with).

You won't know if there's any damage in the headtube area. Why chance it if she has to replace you bike. If it was a steel bike I could disagree because the damage would show if you got the bike alignment checked out.

Did you toast the rear wheel? Off both accidents I had, in the past 6 years, I broke the rear wheel. Something about the 9 speed weight shift throwing the dishing out on the drive side, which twists the rim.

My insurance made me itemize my damages, so my LBS said to list everything, even if it was scratched, to be replaced.

Good luck. Hope you don't get any soreness in the next few days.

Follow-up question?mr_spin
Jun 19, 2002 6:51 AM
You don't want to be dealing in chances if it was a hard collusion. I'd go for a new bike, and not because of the "I won the lottery" attitude so many people adopt in this situation. Do it because you had a perfectly good bike before she hit you, and now you don't. All you want is your perfectly good bike back, and there's no way to know what was really damaged in the collusion. Therefore, only a new bike will do. Maybe you can salvage the saddle, pedals, cranks, etc., but all the key pieces (frame, fork, bars, wheels, etc.) need to be replaced. I'd settle for nothing less.
re: Got hit today.empacher6seat
Jun 18, 2002 11:43 PM
Sorry to hear about that.
I hope you recover soon. I was in a crash today too! Where abouts in BC are you? I'm from Victoria.

I remember reading this report in the newspaper that said British Columbians are the worst, most accident prone, and impolite drivers in Canada! Looks like you ran into one of them.
re: Got hit today.slow-ron
Jun 19, 2002 4:52 AM
Got hit a few months ago and here's my advice.

Be very pro-active in getting prices for a new bike and/or an itemized repair bill. If you have quotes ready when the insurance adjuster comes to meet with you, they can write you a check on the spot. If they know that their client is at fault they will try to settle as soon as possible for fear of legal action, especially if you have a full tort option on your insurance.

I'd go for a new bike. If they don't think the bike frame is damaged that badly ask them if they want to ride it down hill at 30 MPH with tires less than 1" to test it out. Ask them also if they want to be held responsible if you crash again due to a failure of the bike.

Good luck.
Act Fast - Keep Quietjose_Tex_mex
Jun 19, 2002 6:54 AM
Here's some advice I posted before.

Have the thing checked out by the Pro's. If I was hit by a car on my carbon bike (5500) I am not sure if I would trust a mere visual inspection. Make sure you have them give it a professional once over and get it in writing!!! More than likely they will want to cover their a$$e$ and total the bike - why take on liablity?
As for insurance companies, here's what I would do. Make sure your bike gets replaced with no expense spared. Then (if and only if you are 100% healthy) tell them you wish to settle for (let's say) $2500. Tell them if they get the check to you within a week you will settle for both personal and property damage. Think about it from their end. Your medical bills could easily be 2 or 3K, any personal injury a few more, and on top of that they have to pay the property damage. Depending on the price of the bike and the damage this could be your best bet. I actually dealt with a company where I just told them there was $1500 damage and they cut the check before the end of the week - all was settled. They never asked for anything and the blood sucking lawyers didn't get their cut.

Tell the insurance company that you were hurt. You do not have to lie. I am sure you were hurt at least a little (maybe your feelings). Just say to them "I was hurt" and "I plan to see a doctor." Next, tell them if they can get the check out before the end of the week...

It's summer and you want a bike. What good is dragging this for months and giving lawyers a cut if you do not have to? Don't get me wrong, you may need a lawyer especially if they start asking a lot of questions. Remember, keep your mouth shut - don't let them press you. If they ask how bad you were hurt tell them that info will be in the report "I'm no doctor, but I now when it hurts."

One other thing, you didn't hit the car that was at fault - correct? If you hit the truck, where was he? Was he at fault? Were you techically at fault for hitting him? How much damage was there? IF this is so, you might "HAVE" to check with a lawyer to ensure you are not left to foot the bill for the truck.
Best Of Luck