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DeRosa Merak vs Pegoretti Fina Estampa?(4 posts)

DeRosa Merak vs Pegoretti Fina Estampa?Leak
Jun 18, 2002 3:53 PM
Anybody have any feedback or thoughts on these two framesets? There are some decent deals on last year's versions of these frames and I was wondering if there was anything in particular in regards to these specific framesets that I should consider before making a decision?


Choose the Merak. I posted this yesterday.onespeed
Jun 18, 2002 4:08 PM
"At the risk of being flamed for my strong opinions here"

Posted by: onespeed Jun-17-02, 01:54 PM

I purchased one (a Merak)off of Ebay as a quick replacement for an event and instantly found it to be exactly what I was looking for. I liked it so much, I bought another frame to build up from to have a replacement bike just in case (read this as "I was obessed with the quality of the ride").

Providing you are less than 175 pounds, the Merak has to be one of the most reponsive bikes I have ever ridden. It also may have something to do with Record Gruppo on both of the bikes. It is unbelievably light with superior handling.

I have ridden carbon, alumminum lugs, steel slx/sl/aelle but never a full alu bike. This was a concern that never became a problem. I have done 7 day rides on it, 1 day 200+ mile rides and all kinds of other rides without any jarring harsh ride materializing from this frame material.

The provenance and history that comes with any De Rosa is enough to sell you even before you ride one. I dont think I have ever heard anyone say anything bad about a De Rosa on this board unless it was "They are so damned expensive!!!"

They are expensive, but the cost can be lowered significantly by buying overseas (there will be opinions here also). My experience with buying overseas was positive. I saved close to 50% and sent my warranty and registration to De Rosa personally by FedEx to have my name on record.

These bikes are amazing. What else can I say?

Choose the Merak. I posted this yesterday.Leak
Jun 18, 2002 6:07 PM
Thanks! Would you mind sending me your email address? I have a couple of questions about buying from maestro uk, if you don't mind?

Thanks again!

re: DeRosa Merak vs Pegoretti Fina Estampa?Berm
Jun 20, 2002 8:39 AM
I have a Fina Estampa and love the bike. Light, stiff, responsive and doesn't beat me up on the long rides. Do you have any specific questions? E-mail me at if you do.