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My Wife And Riding(22 posts)

My Wife And RidingRetardedRonPruitt
Jun 18, 2002 3:17 AM
My wife has been riding now for two months and her butt is still fat and wide. What can I do so that she can have that nice high school butt she did when she met. She don't look good in bike shorts right now in other words. Is cycling going to help her?
Jun 18, 2002 3:35 AM
Grow up. nmMB1
Jun 18, 2002 4:00 AM
re: My Wife And RidingAvanti Guy
Jun 18, 2002 4:49 AM
I think this post must be Doug Sloan, he still seems to be in withdrawl from RRP leaving :)...
re: My Wife And Ridingnetso
Jun 18, 2002 4:56 AM
I think the retarded moniker fits you well!
Buy her a rickshawAllisonHayes
Jun 18, 2002 6:28 AM
and have her haul yer royal arse around.
i'm gonna guess - - -liv2padl
Jun 18, 2002 6:47 AM
that you're buttox is not exactly the rave of the neighborhood anymore either. in the words of Bette Davis, "growing old ain't for sissy's" ... fat asses included.
Constructive suggestion:eschelon
Jun 18, 2002 7:08 AM
I'm assuming you want your wife's ass to be rock hard and firm someday...right?...just like a model. You could be an insensitive ass and belittle her about her condition or you can simply set an example. I'm also guessing you are no chippendale stripper material either.

So, maybe you need to set the standard for yourself of what an attractive person should look like. And once you get yourself to that point of what the ideal form of "beauty" is, than your wife will either take the hint and start taking care of herself better or she won't. People are smart enough to notice things changing around them. If they aren't noticing, than those people are beyond hope...leave them be and go on with your newfound lifestyle.

Some people don't care about the way they look and feel. Some people like being slimy and fat as opposed to straining and making an effort to work for a beautiful appearance...lazy-asses.

People need inspiration these days...not oppressive comments that inspire anger and spite. If you cannot inspire your wife to get going in life, maybe you and your wife have two different ways of living life...maybe this split in direction is significant enough to end the relationship. Life is short. Stop living for other people. It's either they are going in the same direction or they aren't. It's that simple. Following through on the decision isn't. Choices...everyone has to quit whining about them and make them...and do the best they can out of the situation.
"slimy and fat" - "lazy-asses"rideslikeagirl
Jun 18, 2002 7:43 AM
Wow! Those have GOT to be the most inspirational words I've ever heard. Thank you.
fat people have feelings too...eschelon
Jun 18, 2002 8:15 AM
I guess this comment which HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU must have affected you personally because it somehow applied to apologies.

I must curb my personal feelings about lazy fat people in the future...after all...fat people have feelings too.
Nope, just pointing out the hypocracy of your post. nmrideslikeagirl
Jun 18, 2002 8:49 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!!Kristin
Jun 18, 2002 8:26 AM
Eschelon, I'm guessing you've just returned to us from a sabaticle? Do a search on RadicalRonPruitt. Enjoy...
Just to let you know...mlester
Jun 18, 2002 9:10 AM
I share your opinion about fat people, although this may not be the best place to voice those opinions.

Bit of an inside joke here folks... <nm>klay
Jun 18, 2002 7:17 AM
Leaver her!DougG
Jun 18, 2002 7:53 AM
Tell she just isn't attractive anymore and find you a new young one!.......just kidding
re: My Wife And RidingMP
Jun 18, 2002 7:54 AM
Urge her to continue riding. My wife was not very athletic before she became an avid road cyclist six years ago. She is now in tremendous shape and has completely lost the cellulite she used to have in her thighs. She was never fat, but lacked strength and conditioning. Encourage your wife to keep riding (harder and harder) and she'll see remarkable results. No lollygaging around though. She might consider joining a women's riding group for advice and more encouragement. My wife and I love to ride together and now base our vacations around cycling.
Jun 18, 2002 8:03 AM
There was a poster around these parts by the name of "RadicalRonPruit". Bit of prick. He would actually say the things that "RetardedRonPruit" is saying above.

As I said a bit of an inside joke to folks who were here a few months ago.

Is this the real RRP or an imposterPhatMatt
Jun 18, 2002 8:31 AM
My vote is imposter. He did not talk about himself enough to be the real RRP. ut than again he is one hell of a troll, that made for some intresting reading.
And he hasn't responded to each post! Fake!! nmrideslikeagirl
Jun 18, 2002 8:50 AM
Lacks the sophistication of the other, too. nmLeisure
Jun 18, 2002 11:56 PM
If you can call it that, I mean. nmLeisure
Jun 19, 2002 12:00 AM
Try swapping saddlesKristin
Jun 18, 2002 9:00 AM
If you buy her a Flite, she will most likely remain on the bike until her butt is near high school size again. Viola! An instant 24x7 fitness program. And it saves a bundle on gasoline bills.