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US domestic team apparel(4 posts)

US domestic team apparelzooog
Jun 18, 2002 2:19 AM
Does anyone know where or if it is possible to purchase any US domestic team clothing. I have found the Navigators but really nothing else. Looking for the lesser known teams. Thanks for any help.
Check Out My Posting Abovejose_Tex_mex
Jun 18, 2002 5:35 PM
Who are you looking for? There's lots of places to get the Postal and Navigators stuff. I have used a mail order place in the UK - great prices called have a look at the list of sites I mentiond in my emailed entitled "Help Finding A Cycling Jersey - Thanks In Advance..." There's lots of links there.
Check Out My Posting Abovezooog
Jun 19, 2002 1:42 AM
I am really looking for teams one does not hear about often...Jittery joes,schroeder Iron, even prime allianace. Can find any european stuff but would think it was neat to get some US domestic stuff. maybe I will just try contacting the team via e-mail.
Maybe or BikeJersey.comjose_Tex_mex
Jun 19, 2002 8:50 AM
Or you should try the usual mail order people - Excel, Colorado... Maybe even ebay. If all else fails try a search using - best engine by far.
Other than that maybe someone like that makes team clothing.
Finally, as you said, the teams themselves...
Best of Luck