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rain gear(6 posts)

rain geargebbyfish
Jun 17, 2002 4:30 PM
Looking for advice on rain gear. Was out this weekend and got soaked both days? Lucky it wasn't too cold. Hoped for recommendations and sources to purchase from the initiated, but not baptized, at least not by rain! Thanks, Paul
For the summer get a cheap rain jacket from Performance.MB1
Jun 17, 2002 5:47 PM
Cut the arms down to short sleeve length so it doesn't turn into your own portable sauna. Usually about $20.00 sometimes on sale for a lot less.

For the rest of the year get a Burley top of the line rain jacket (they are in Eugene Oregon and know a thing or two about riding in rain). I got mine from Licktons Cyclery for about $110, money well spent.

Around here, we just ridecory
Jun 18, 2002 8:41 AM
But Reno only gets 6 inches of rain a year, so we may not be experts....
My cousin in Seattle, though, says this is the hot tip: Get a poncho and put in some thumb loops (Rivendell used to sell a waxed cotton one with loops already in it). Everybody in Seattle has fenders, which stop the spray. The poncho goes over the top and deflects the rain. The thumb loops keep the front of the poncho from flapping (much), and air can circulate underneath, so you never get that clammy feeling. He says it's standard there and he's done centuries that way.
I was so excited I went right out and bought a poncho. That was two years ago, and I'm still waiting for a storm when I'm riding...
re: rain gearJS Haiku Shop
Jun 18, 2002 10:12 AM
when it's warm or temperate, but wet/rainy, i'll switch to dark socks and a dark jersey, and go for it. better for me to get soaked than to worry about not getting wet underneath the rain gear. my theory is that once i'm good & prune-wrinkled from the rain and road spray, it doesn't really matter anymore, and i can get on with the ride (rather than worry about getting wetter). i also prefer wool socks in rain, regardless of temperature, and will turn my cycling cap around under the helmet, so the bill is in front (like a helmet visor). other tips include putting electronics (cellphone, garage door opener, etc.) in plastic baggies, and NOT walking around the house in wet cycling garb post-ride (it's not just rain, it's road grime, too).

for cool weather, i'll wear either a PI jacket that's rain-resistant, or a PVC/plastic jacket from performance or nashbar (et al). i have yet to let mb1's advice about an actual winter/cold/rain jacket seep through my thick skull. perhaps warm shoes are a priority; i'll be putting my pennies toward the lake winter boots here pretty soon. for cold weather, if it's freezing or below, it's pretty much snow or sleet, anyhow. :-) brrrrrr!

in summer, i do many rain rides, so much so that one bike is dedicated to rain and bad weather/road conditions, and i ride in serious coditions, staying home only for lightning directly overhead. i'm usually numb below the neck, anyhow. kinda like that witch on the bike from the wizard of oz, except i'm not a witch, and don't have a dog or basket on the bike. oh, and i'm a dude.

ps. i have a rear clip-on mtb fender that i'll put on the road bike when it's raining, or if the roads are pretty wet. works not only for the brown racing strip up the back, but also to keep 50-60% of road spray off fellow riders.

and then: don't forget to tend to your ride immediately after getting off the bike. lube washes off, and chains can get a touch or rust if not cared for. also, the little hex bolts along the drivetrain and/or the controls (stem/etc.) can collect water, and will also show a touch of rust after a few rides. same applies for sweat. some here have suggested packing bolt heads with beeswax or other such substances...keeping them clean, dry, and applying a light coat of wd40 pre-ride also works.
Jun 18, 2002 11:16 AM
soft spoken. opposite of SCREAMING. in truth, just lazy.nmJS Haiku Shop
Jun 18, 2002 11:22 AM