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They Should Do A Nature Show on Cycling(7 posts)

They Should Do A Nature Show on Cyclingjose_Tex_mex
Jun 17, 2002 3:48 PM
I just got back from my ride and was watching a show about elephants on television. I couldn't help but think how "Serenghity " we are when we cycle - what do you think? Feel free to add in more.

I am sure we have all seen someone cycling in the distance ahead of us. We instinctively decide whether we can take this person (wounded animal) or whether we should catch this person and work with them (hunt down others). Later on when the time comes, we'll show them who the alpha male is.

The Pack - there's safety in numbers and by being in the pack we are less likely to get problems from other forms of wild life (cars). Our participation in the pack is a very delicate social order. The best and strongest towards the front (guarding the alpha male) with our young (newbies) at the rear. However, no matter who you are, you will have to do less work and receive more benefits.

Our team members protect the leader until such time as it is necessary to rival them and vie for the top position. The leader needs to ensure the team is happy - well fed and taken care of.

Attacks are constantly come from the pack. You must learn where and when to pick your battle. You cannot fight and win all of the battles - just win the one that keeps you on top. They truly evolved leader can just sense this.

Let's not even get in to the wild plumage we wear. Perhaps, they have some ritualistic effect or breeding purposes. Other cultures (non cyclists) just do not understand our ways nor why we keep on riding. They cannot comprehend the functionality of our attire and attack us because we are different (shaved legs).

Finally, our annual pilgrimage. Instead of going south many of us head towards our mountain retreats. Our machines and attire evolve to the new terrain - the circle of life continues.

BTW - be nice and don't even mention the mating thing...
Jun 17, 2002 3:55 PM
There goes my only comment! ;-)

Nice read - I would have to agree with you.
To follow your theme, here's a funny one compliments of Mr. SpinAllisonHayes
Jun 17, 2002 4:34 PM
From the MALE lion perspective (remember, the females do all the hunting)...


Hmm, what? Is that a zebra?
Lioness #2, go check it out!
Not a zebra? A Gnu? Damn Gnus. What's Gnu? Heh heh. I gotta get my eyes checked.
Hey! No snickering, ladies.
You, lioness #3, come scratch my tummy.
Alright, that's enough.
Huh? Wha? I hear Hyenas.
Ah, now there's a new scent. Lionesses #1 and #2, check it out.
Oh, hey, good job lionesses! What do you have there? It kind of looks like a zebra. And it was as fast as a zebra? Faster? Huh.
I wonder what "Acqua & Sapone" means. Very strange.
Alright folks, let's eat.

mr_spin "I need a poet, a scientist, an African..." 5/14/02 9:31am
And another one from the female perspectiveAllisonHayes
Jun 17, 2002 4:35 PM
The Lioness

Afternoon sun
Moist heat, lazy pride

Time to renew bonds
A sense of belonging
To my pride.

Well groomed family my pride
My pride is my group
And my awareness.

We belong together we are
Members of our pride alone
And together our pride hunts.

A family that preys together
Stays together.

AllisonHayes "I need a poet, a scientist, an African..." 5/14/02 7:33am
And the feeding frenzy, don't forget the feeding frenzy! nmrwbadley
Jun 17, 2002 5:03 PM
Jun 17, 2002 5:10 PM
bad bad bad--you are very bad, indeed RW! I am sure that would never happen amongst this friendly pack...:)

remember, "all cyclists are family," Spirito
But it's all about the 'Mating thing...'spyderman
Jun 17, 2002 11:32 PM
Ah, tonight I got a compliment about the size/cut of my unshorn calf muscles from a non-cyclist...

Instincts are very strong... My scent is very strong...

Couldn't hurt to add one more to my pride.

Here kitty, kitty... Purrrrr... Come to daddy, kitty, kitty... Puurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...