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Warning for the ladies: Assos(14 posts)

Warning for the ladies: Assosrideslikeagirl
Jun 17, 2002 7:15 AM
After much success with Chamois Butter, I tried Assos - it has more natural ingredients and had been recommended here.

Holy Crap, I thought I was going to die!!! After 15 minutes of waiting for the tingling to calm down, I just couldn't hang any longer and had to run back home, rip off the shorts and jump in the shower! And that only lent minimal relief.

The only reason I was still able to ride yesterday was because I had some Chamois Butter on hand. Soothed me right down.

I would imagine it's the Witch Hazel in the Assos that did it. Maybe I'm allergic, maybe it's just not chick-friendly stuff - whatever - I don't recommend it.
thanx for sharing.....keep us posted :-) NmSpirito
Jun 17, 2002 9:22 AM
Jun 17, 2002 9:33 AM
What does being a girl have to do with anything. You don't put it on your...y'know?
Well, if you can't use EPOrollo tommassi
Jun 17, 2002 10:22 AM
sounds like this stuff will make you go fast!

You may be on to something! Never sprinted like that before! nmrideslikeagirl
Jun 17, 2002 12:43 PM
Yeah, butrideslikeagirl
Jun 17, 2002 12:41 PM
your "y'know" does end up on the chamois! That's the point, silly. :)
No kidding, tron...dsc
Jun 17, 2002 5:13 PM
What, you think that we slather up the 'ole chamois,
then put down a layer of saran wrap or something??!!
Of COURSE it gets on your, as you so eloquently put it,
"y'know" !!! :O)

FWIW, Chamois Butt'r rules!

Jun 18, 2002 4:30 AM
In all my years on bikes, I never used used chamois butter, or any other product for that purpose. I'm willing to give it a try though. So you smear it all over the chamois?? I thought you just put a little on your inner thighs where they contact the seat, that's why I didn't understand when rideslikeagirl said that assos wasn't "chick friendly." I get it now.

I'm still thinking of a catch phrase to put here

Molto Caldo?
Muy Caliente! nm :-)rideslikeagirl
Jun 18, 2002 7:53 AM
Jun 19, 2002 1:23 PM
Gotcha. Yeah, you "slather" it on - the idea being that you want the entire chamois to stay put, once your work your shorts into place. Don't want any friction building up againt any of the 'ole "parts".

Give the Butt'r a try; where you really notice the difference is on your longer rides, when you're approaching mile 80, or so.

re: Warning for the ladies: Assospina
Jun 17, 2002 11:05 AM
been using it for a year with no problems at all, really like it.
Speaking of stuff for the undercarriage...JBurton
Jun 17, 2002 12:49 PM
Has anyone tried "Udderly Smooth"? I just bought some yesterday because it was cheap. I plan on using it tonight, though it isn't a long ride. In fact, I have never used chamois creme of any sort, but have recently developed a couple of nice saddle sores. The Udderly Smooth was cheap and readily available, so I snatched it up. Thoughts?
Speaking of stuff for the undercarriage...brider
Jun 17, 2002 1:40 PM
Isn't this just pure lanolin? Like Lansinoh or Bag Balm. Probably just an overpriced version. Might want to give Bag Balm a try.
Speaking of stuff for the undercarriage...Lone Gunman
Jun 17, 2002 4:35 PM
Try using Lubriderm,(red/pink label) about 12 squirts in the palm should do it. I tried the Udder cream stuff; too runny and disapates quickly, no staying power. Lubriderm is the closest to the real deal I have found, Bag balm stains light lycra and does not wash out very well leaving the clothes a little slimy.