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Jun 17, 2002 6:01 AM
A buddy of mine purchased a Le Champion from What a deal, aluminum frame Ultegra components for 1085.00. When his steed arrived I agreed to help him get setup. To my surprise the bike was delivered almost completely assembled. We needed only to put the wheels on, the seat and post in the frame, the handlebars in the stem and the pedals on the arms. This done, we ran through the gears and noticed alot noise. Ah, some adjusting in order. We readjusted both deraileurs but the noise remained. After closer examination, luckily before his first ride, we found a link in the chain with the plate about to come off. We used our chain tool to try and reapply the plate but it didn't want to stay. I suggested to my friend to contact Bikesdirect about a new chain or at least a link. The reply to his email describing the situation was, "if there is a poblem you should bring it to your local bike shop." Hey, my local bike shop didn't get my 1085.00 dollars and should not be responsible for fixing a poorly assembled chain from another dealer. Is this normal treatment from a mail order house or is this SPECIAL treatment from

I think I'll go to my LBS and buy a Shimano connecting pin and try this next. Hopefully this will fix the problem. If not, wouldn't you think the dealer should send us a new chain. I'll post a follow up when the situation is solved.

re: Lame on their partcyclejim
Jun 17, 2002 6:08 AM
They should send you a new chain. nuff said.
Although you may notgrandemamou
Jun 17, 2002 6:58 AM
get the same level of service from an e-tailer that you would from a LBS, this is not an acceptable level of service from anyone. Yes, the "least" that they should have done is send you a new chain.
Internet purchasesNessism
Jun 17, 2002 9:04 AM
Just get the proper chain pin and install it, very simple. A new chain is not really called for unless there's something wrong with the first one. It sounds like the proper pin was never installed.

Sorry to be a pain here, but if one can't work through a couple of setup problems, buying on-line is not recommended.

Good luck.

Internet purchasesJohn445
Jun 17, 2002 10:10 AM
One can. But one does expect a little understanding and support when the chain was obviously assemble improperly from the start. I already stated in my original post that I was going to replace the pin with a new connection pin. I also know that the pin in question probably is a connection pin already. If this is the case, I have not yet done the work, then you cannot replace a connection pin with a connection pin as the plate holes will be reamed out already.

Not that you're a pain, just a little uninformed, maybe my fault from the original post.

Jun 17, 2002 10:59 AM
...if the hole in the chain is buggered, just brake the chain and replace the link. Of course, two connector pins will be necessary along with a small section of chain.

Yes, yes, the selling company is screwing you over if you have to resort to this type of rework. But honestly, the repair is fairly easy and will not affect the durability of the chain.

Buying an entire bike on the Internet can be a real gamble and unfortunately, your story is not unusual. Especially buying a discount bike where the profit margin is small for the seller.

Good luck.