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Training for optimal health vs performance?(1 post)

Training for optimal health vs performance?GregJ
Jun 16, 2002 10:24 PM
I am looking for opinions on general health and fitness as regards heart rate intensity during training. I have been riding for around 20 years, I am now coming up on 41. I do a weekly hard longish group ride, I've done some racing, I climb hard and I am used to taking my heartrate up to threshold and anerobic on a regular basis. I do the usual 2 hour aerobic rides as well as an easy short spin once a week. Once every few weeks I'll do something long, 4 hours or so.(Where I live we can ride all year if we like.) As I get older I am wondering what is the healthiest method of training? To ride at a more steady tempo always staying in the aerobic zone? (And getting slower?) Or to continue doing my quasi performance type of riding? I am not looking to maximize my potential as a racer, more to be fit and healthy all year. I have been looking for information and have found quite a lot of info for racing athletes as well as couch potatoes seeking to get fit. The information I have found is largely contradictory. Everyone agrees that exercise is great, how much and how intense? From what I have found so far, I am leaning toward a modest amount of intensity, i.e., keep working hard one or 2 workouts a week. Thoughts?