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Help for a Newbie(3 posts)

Help for a NewbiePBLed
Jun 16, 2002 10:03 PM
I am just getting into road biking, and I am in need of some advice about buying a bike. I know about Mtn biking but nothing on road biking.
I am on a college budget and that limits me to around $200.
Any advice on good use brands/components/tires would be great.

re: Help for a NewbieGregJ
Jun 16, 2002 10:58 PM
200 bucks is not a lot to work with. Ascertain what size you need, try Colorado Cyclist, and then look for any Specialized or Trek or Fuji, any of the main brands will do. I would look for something clean and not beat to death, and maybe something older,(even 80's) with downtube shifters, you'll want SIS (indexed) rather than friction. If you're patient you can probably find a pretty good bike. You may even find something old that has barely been ridden. Don't get hung up on a particular brand or component group, you will not have many options at that price point.
re: Help for a Newbietmotz
Jun 17, 2002 8:47 AM
I'm a budget limited college student too,so I understand your problem. I got a old Fuji in good shape by trading a old tv. Start asking people you know ,try pawn shops or yard sales.What you find might be old but doesn't mean it won't work.One bike shop near me takes trade ins ,check your area.Remember a bike doesn't make a good cyclist,your heart and soul does.