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Opinions on Casati - Specifically Casati Lazer(6 posts)

Opinions on Casati - Specifically Casati LazerPecos
Jun 16, 2002 6:50 PM
with carbon or steel stays. I am considering a new frame and would prefer a steel build. The roads here in NYC aren't the best. I am currently riding a Colnago Crystal which is Columbus Cyclex steel. I bought the frame a few years ago at a "steal". However, I feel it is just a tad too big. It is a 54 and I think idealy I should be on a 52 with a 53.5 TT. The Casati geometry fits that. It is also very light for steel at 2.5lbs. I know the name and assume the build is really fine. I just haven't seen any on the road and would like to start my research with some feedback from this board.
'scuse me.......Spirito
Jun 17, 2002 12:10 AM
where have you seen the quote for the frame weight?

2.5lbs for steel does seem very light and just curious as it has me scratching my head. which tubeset? and how much?

last casati i rode was somehwere back in 1988 (columbus SL) and have always been a fan of their bikes. nicely balanced, well made and sadly never scince have i found another in the right size for me.

i remember mine being square in that the seat tube was 55cm c-c and the top tube was 55cm c-c. suited me well. they weren't particualrly light compared o others back then.

but i think they'll never be a popular make even though they are as good as the big names or so ithought in my experience.
Jun 17, 2002 3:25 AM
Anyone else feel like a complete fat ass...NJRoad
Jun 17, 2002 3:48 AM
when you read the tech info for a frame or component and see that you're 30-40#'s over the weight limit of a part made out of steel?
Bad info in this linkNessism
Jun 17, 2002 5:08 AM
The racycles link gives the wrong tube set information for the Laser. It shows the frame being made out of SC61.10A (aluminum) when it actually is made out of EOM16.5 which is steel.

I doubt the frame will come out 2.5 lbs since it's made of steel with a carbon rear end. More likely 2.9 lbs or so.

Sounds like a nice ride.

You are correct ..Pecos
Jun 17, 2002 8:17 AM
on the tube set they reference. It is Dedaccai EOM 16.5 steel. However, I do think the weight posted for the build they referenced is correct. The Lazer on the site you posted must be a left-over. It doesn't have an integrated headset - that may be a plus as I am not sold on integrated headsets. I have a 2001 Klein Quantum Pro that is giving me trouble.