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some feedback on training(2 posts)

some feedback on trainingRavik
Jun 16, 2002 6:18 PM
I'm a 47-year-old who's been riding for about six weeks.
This morning - a dead calm, reasonably warm day -
I rode 25 miles at 18:15 ave speed. I've seen some fair decrease in ave speed since I started riding (a snail-line 13 left me gasping).
I'm a competitive person and I'd like to be able to ride and
not finish dead last in some local club races.
Do I have a chance in hell of not being embaraassed?
How do I get involved? At what level?
What's a realistic target to shoot for, timewise?
Appreciate any feedback!
re: some feedback on trainingGregJ
Jun 16, 2002 10:45 PM
Six weeks is not a long time to be riding, I would not really recommend showing up for a race quite yet. Your average speed sounds pretty fair for a beginner however. But racing is only partly about that, you will also have to ride much faster for shorter periods during a race or you will certainly get dropped. And BTW that is nothing to be embarrassed about, racing even at the entry level can be bloody hard. I would work for now on building endurance by doing the steady riding you have been doing,(you should enjoy it, ride a comfortable pace most of the time) and later doing some interval training. There are plenty of good books on training out there, although they don't all agree on specifics(see my post above) Try to find some experienced riders to do some training with as well so you can get the hang of drafting and riding safely with others in close proximity. A small group of 2-4 is good to start out with. Ride safely and enjoy, cycling has been a rewarding activity for me for 2 decades, and I hope many more!