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Help me with intervals(3 posts)

Help me with intervalswilier
Jun 16, 2002 5:46 PM
So After a year back on the bike (after 8 years off), I did my first interval training set today. What was very strange was that it was way too easy.

Some of my basic stats:
Sex - Male
Age - 29
Max HR - 191
Weight - 148

My intervals went sort of like the following:
Warm-up: 20 minutes
Intervals: 1 minute @ 175-180 bpm (90-95% of max)
Recovery: 2 minutes
Sets: 10 sets
Cool-down: the ride home - about 20 minutes (I have to go to a park where I won't have stop signs)

OK - so I haven't done them in a long time - and I should probably do more than 10 sets, but I remember them being pure hell. I'm not nearly in the shape I was in in college, so they should be harder than what I perceived today.

The question is: How do you do intervals? How many sets? At what time intervals? At what target heart rates?

I know I'll get a variety of answers, but I'm just curious.

Not a great deal of help but...hayaku
Jun 17, 2002 3:16 AM
Start with a number that you can build on. The important thing is sustainable progression.

How did you get you Max HR? If you 220 and subtracted your age is most likely isn't very accurate. Something like LT is a better way to judge training zones, it will change because of cumulative fatigue however.

Also, did your HR reach 175-180bpm in one minute? Mine takes a long time to react fully.

I really recommend getting a book on the subject of training. It will help you design a program for your needs and abilities and make the most of your time and effort. You can get advice here but real training knowledge with something like Joe Friel's Cyclists Training Bible. The best investment for additional speed I have ever seen. Go hard!
Duration seems too shortMcAndrus
Jun 17, 2002 4:22 AM
There are several types of intervals, so I may be guessing wrong as to which you're trying to perform but it sounds like the duration of your intervals is too short. If these are supposed to be cruise intervals, they should be 6-12 minutes long (according to Friel) with a rest period long enough to bring you back to a resting heart rate.

It takes me at least 6 minutes to get my heart rate into my target zone (177-180) for an interval and they are plenty hard enough for me.