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17year old(3 posts)

17year oldgoose04
Jun 16, 2002 3:10 PM
does 8miles in 30mins sound good for a 17year old that just started?
Fine for a newbiejose_Tex_mex
Jun 16, 2002 3:20 PM
You are averaging 16 miles per hour which is a nice pace for a newbie. It really depends on the terrain - the more hills the better the time.
Don't worry about speed, concentrate on effort and longetivity. Once you get your legs it will be easy to sit on someone's wheel doing low 20's - and I do mean easy. Work on the hills and lungs. Remember, during the off season you loose your lungs much faster than muscle.
Sounds faster...YoungRcR
Jun 16, 2002 5:41 PM
than i used to average when i started riding at 16. Now im 17 and just finished a 8.8 mile rollin TT in 21:05. Depending on how long u been riding u need to do some lengthy base training. Ride at low heart rates starting with maybe an hour or so and work up to a few hours. Once you finish base u should probably already be much faster.

One thing i do during base is ride in my largest gear with a cadence of around 50 for the entire ride minus the warm-up/cool down. But be VERY careful, if u get any pains in the knees during, after whatever, slack off on it.

After base i would start doin some intervals and maybe some short time-trials. Then try some crits, just be careful b/c the cat.5/citizens race will be harry. If u get serious, do what i do, motorpace. I prefer behind a motorcycle, much safer than a car. If u have any questions for me, ill try to answer them, u can email me at