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Riding in a paceline - Etiquette Question(3 posts)

Riding in a paceline - Etiquette QuestionProspectus
Jun 16, 2002 7:56 AM
My LBS runs several pacelines during our weekly training sessions led by riders from the LBS team. The slow group is usually populated by people starting out riding with a view to being competitive.

I know that riding with those with little experience with pacelines can be dangerous but how do you deal with them? This guy I know constantly complains about riders who don't know how to slow pedal, going off the front, not keeping to their lines etc. Not to mention telling them off.

Question is, is it your job to tell them off, although you have been cycling marginally longer and look like an absolute boor. Many people I know don't quite like it. Or should you leave it to the LBS riders? Did the leaders in your ride go through the paceline rules first? Ours didn't. Anyone else have such experience?
guide/coach/help newer riders with diplomacyTig
Jun 16, 2002 9:42 AM
Some jerk that jumps everyone's case when they screw up will just scare away people. No one should have to put up with that abuse.

You may not feel you are an expert yet, but if you can identify someone making mistakes, you know enough to kindly help them. Positive guidance gets much better results. If you see someone going off the front each time, talk to them while you are both in the back. Use other good riders as an example.
dont give in to the grumpsishmael
Jun 16, 2002 6:04 PM
He is no danger so he should be left alone! If someone wants to ride off the front I'm glad to see it. He or she is probably trying to encourage the whole group to speed up or maybe just getting a bit of energy out of their system. Either way who cares? There are too many rigid riders telling others what to do and complaining about someone doing this or that, they're no fun. It doesnt matter if its a LBS ride or not, if someone wants to ride in circles around the group its their perogative. He's probably having more fun, learning how to better control his bike and getting in better shape then the rest of you. If someone wants to learn about racing they should get used to anarchy anyway, dont expect a paceline, Cat5 races are a hairy mess. Maybe he's riding off the front to avoid crashing with all scary riders in your pack.
Someone get slightly scolded on my ride today. They were at the front and took everyone right into traffic without stopping and saying "car!" Everyone assumed it was clear, it was his duty at the front to tell everyone otherwise. I find its safer to have someone off the front, they can scout ahead at stop signs and lights to see if its safe for others to go through, that way people can coast through with a guard.