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New Mercier bikes good?(6 posts)

New Mercier bikes good?gerwerken
Jun 16, 2002 5:19 AM
I know Mercier bikes were great French bikes about 50 years ago, but are they still being made well today?
re: New Mercier bikes good?taar44
Jun 16, 2002 8:17 AM
Seems like only 1 guy on this board has it ("Century3" is his screen name). Everytime he opens his mouth some asshole accuses him of spamming or working for the brands distributor. Goodluck getting the info.
re: New Mercier bikes good?sprockets2
Jun 16, 2002 9:35 AM
It is hard to know as I haven't seen or read much about them other than online ads. The big question seems to be whether this is the same outfit that made bikes in Europe, or if they are an asian outfit using the name to get a foot in the door-like the new "Motobecane" is doing. I cannot answer that, but I do need to fall back on the old advice: "if something seems too good to be true..." You know.

Being built in asia is not necessarily bad, as many famous brands have much if not all of their production there-Specialized comes to mind-but the lack of pedigree on the current resurrected brands would make me cautious until I knew who the company actually is.

I don't know that this is fact, but I think that this is what people who have been slamming Motobecane and Mercier might think is going on: The way in which they seem to be marketed, insofar as it resembles the current Motobecane marketing strategy, tends to make people think that Merciers are not built in France any longer, but being built in asia. I do not know where they are being built, I am just reporting the opinions that seem to be out there.

To some extent the Merciers seem to be sold in much the same way that Motobecanes are, which is to say marketed heavily through online outfits with some bad actors among that group, and hawked by spamming discussion lists. The spamming was pretty obvious, written by hucksters with incomplete understanding of cycling and the english language, and it may take a while for it to wear off on public boards like this.

It would be a shame if the Merciers were in fact a continuation of the famous line, and that their marketing just happens to parallel that of the other French line. For what it is worth I have ridden a Moto of asian vintage and all I can say is "if it seems to good....."
re: New Mercier bikes good?Alpedhuez55
Jun 16, 2002 6:43 PM
They are built in Asia. Some of the best bikes in the world are coming from Asia though. I think some company bought the name rights like they did with Motorbecane. They are not conected to the Cycles Mercier raced by Polidor. I have not seen or ridden one. From what I here the geometry is generic and whe reynolds tubing is not shaped. The people who have posted about them were probably connected with Bikes They have not been around in about a month though. They seem to offer a good parts kit and fork for the money though.

If they are available at a local bike shop, I would be interested in hearing impressions on them. Fit is the most importan feature on any bike though. Try to either ride it first or know exactly what you need before you buy it.

Good Luck!!!
re: New Mercier bikes good?taar44
Jun 17, 2002 3:17 AM
Alpedhuez, what exactly did you mean by the reynolds tubing is not "shaped"? Not flaming but that term is not familiar to me.
re: tubingcyclopathic
Jun 17, 2002 5:03 AM
standard 525, 853, 853 pro tubes have round profile. Some mfg like LeMond choose to ovalize downtube at BB and headtube to make frame laterally stiffer. Reynolds also makes "custom" drawn tubes with teardrop shape, those are "special order" items.

with respect to Mercier the story around is that the marketing company registered in Florida JAX area bought the rights to mark. They have no production facilities all they do is OEM bikes to Asia and slap the sticker on. This is no different from many others, Jamis, Dean, Trek, etc do the same thing.

Mercier Serpents geometry is suspiciosly like Fuji Roubaix, probably the same frame. Roubaix is a fine bike.

If I were on market to buy a steel bike it would be on my list, somewhere in the middle (I'd rather drop 1200$ in Campy equpped Mercian).