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Polar HR Monitor S510, S710, S810 Question(15 posts)

Polar HR Monitor S510, S710, S810 Questionmarkambrose
Jun 15, 2002 8:06 AM
I want to buy the S510 monitor but an not sure if the riding time function has auto Stop/Start (i.e. do you have to push a button every time you come to rest to get an accurate riding time reading)?

Can someone who owns one of the above please confirm this..and if you have any other comments on this purchase I would be glad to hear them.

Thanks in advance

re: Polar HR Monitor S510, S710, S810 QuestionPatM
Jun 15, 2002 8:20 AM
The riding function has a auto start/stop it works pretty well, I have the 510. The only problem with is that if you stop for more than 5 minutes(I think), when you start back up its like starting all over again, ran into this problem one time when I had to change a flat. I guess its just something to keep in mind. Other than that I am really happy with it, it is pretty cool to see how you did for the whole ride.
re: Polar HR Monitor S510, S710, S810 Questionmarkambrose
Jun 15, 2002 10:11 AM
That's a problem isn't it? If you are stopping for more than '5' minutes, can you turn it off manually and then restart it manually retaining the information? What is it that resets..everthing? Bad design I think don't you? I think my only other option is to go for a 210 and have a seperate bike computer.
I recently started using a 510avitar
Jun 15, 2002 3:22 PM
It never seems the same speed as my Mity3. What should I set the tires for.. I have 700x23. The manual says 2155 and the Mity uses 2100.. but they are more apart than that often.. I really like the download feature of the 510,,, I just treat a rest stop as a lap.. this way when I dl I can see my recovery HR/time
You have to do a measurement of ..Pecos
Jun 15, 2002 6:46 PM
the actual rollout of your bike/tire setup. You do this by starting at a known point - roll your bike until the wheels make one complete revolution. Then, measure from point "A" your start to point "B" your finish. Program that measurement into the computer/monitor.
re: Polar HR Monitor S510, S710, S810 QuestionToasty
Jun 15, 2002 8:23 AM
I have a Polar S-510 and you do have the option of setting an auto start/stop. No need to press a button every time. BTW, this is a very nice piece of equipment. My only niggle is that it does not display trip distance during the ride(only afterwards) although it does display total distance. And the handlebar mount could be better. Other than that no regrets.
Jun 15, 2002 10:19 AM
There is an auto start stop on the riding time function. I have the S710 and its great. If you have the extra bit of cash I undoubtly recommend to jump from the S510 to the S710. The S710 adds in altitude and the ability to upload it into the computer so it makes the single coolest looking graph ever! It can have power, cadence, speed, altitude and heart rate! That almost as cool as a gf sending me to the Tour with her :D

Nick Corcoran Inc.
It doesmarkambrose
Jun 15, 2002 10:58 AM
Sounds great, but what about this "resets itself if not ridden for about 5 minutes" Any experience?

Thanks for your comments.
Jun 15, 2002 5:19 PM
I never heard of it resetting if not used for 5 minutes... probably because I haven't ridden at all outside lately but different story. But looking in the manual it doesn't say anything about this. Irregardless not many rides have more than a couple minute water or washroom break so you wouldn't need this.

Nick Corcoran Inc.
It does not reset. It saves the ride info ....Pecos
Jun 15, 2002 7:03 PM
in a file and then starts a new exercise sequence. The s510 stores 6 exercise files or rides. The sixth being the latest. Each time you use it it starts a new file in the sixth slot and pushes the others back on, thus losing one off of the back - the file in the 1st position - "file 1". So lets say you have done at least six rides. You go out for another. This ride is recorded in the 6th file. If you stop for more than 5 minutes during that ride and the monitor is on the bike - it needs to be on the bike to act as a cyclocumputer - and then you start up again, the second leg of your ride is now in the 6th file slot and the first part is now in the 5th file slot. The only file that syncs with your computer is the 6th file. It is also the only file that retains all of your cycling info such as distance, avg speed, etc. The other files only retain your heart data.

To solve this problem, I think you may be able to remove the monitor from the bar mount during a stop, thus keeping it in connection with your chest transmitter. This should keep everything recording in the 6th file. You can then edit the info, deleting the time spent off of the bike, after downloading to your computer. Hope this helps.
This is the big problem with the Polar monitor....cyclejim
Jun 15, 2002 8:28 PM
The fact that it only lets you download the file in the 6th position to your PC. This is the one with all the data. The rest are just summary files. This limitation, is a HUGE disadvantage and is the best reason to not buy a S-510. I wouldnt buy it again, and of course this is something that is not really advertised or known until you have already paid for the thing.
This is the big problem with the Polar monitor....markambrose
Jun 16, 2002 2:46 AM
Thanks to everyone for your comments, they pretty much back up what I have been told from other sources. Money is not a problem, but I hate buying something that does not do the job "how I wnat to do it". I think I will go for the cheaper S210 (not cycling specific) and back it up with a normal (wired!) bike computer. As far as I know there are no problems (apart from a couple of sticky button comments!) with the S210...or are there!

Thanks guys.
Polar 510HENRY K
Jun 16, 2002 4:36 PM
I bought a 510 about 2 months ago. I would never buy one again nor would I ever depend on it for my only bike computer. I would get the 210 and use my regular computer...any computer would be more accurate than the 510! I think that I am going to try to exchange it if I still can.
Jun 16, 2002 8:38 PM
As much as I love the cycling features and altimeter of the S710, the thing I love most is the VO2 max test and HR-max so these are the 2 things I feel you can benefit most from. Then you can just use a regular computer. No cool graphs but meh.

Nick Corcoran
Good ideamarkambrose
Jun 17, 2002 10:34 AM
Well, I've made my mind up. today I ordered a S210 for a stonking good price of £112. I will combine this with my Sigma BC800 (not my wireless one, which may cause problems with the signals) and all in all I should have a good system. thanks for your comments everyone...really grateful. For those happy with 510's, amy they give you years of service, for those with 510's who want to change them...good luck!

Cheers everyone. Mark (UK)