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Tail Bone Trouble(2 posts)

Tail Bone TroubleTurtle Boy
Jun 14, 2002 9:05 PM
After a break of about 10yrs I'm getting back into biking. Bought a Trek MTB and a Lemond road bike. At 47 I'm no spring chicken, and back in January I injured a couple of disks in a cross country skiing mishap (way too steep hill). I'm recovering well but am certainly still stiff and minimal flexibility. To address this I did spend some money to have the road bike fitted to me -- seat height + new shorter stem - seat fore'n'aft to get my knee to pedal and all that. I had the fit done while wearing padded lycra shorts which I wear while riding.

I've barely ridden the MTB, but I've put about 50 miles on the Lemond by riding 5 - 8 miles after work just to start getting some saddle time. After the past few rides - I get a dull pain way down low ( well below my lower back area) the following day. Seems to be most noticible when I sit in a chair for awhile - standing seems to help - after about 8 hours it seems to go away.

The stock seat on the Lemond is a San Marco thats "comfortable" but not overly padded. Any suggestions on whats going on ? Do I need to keep working on flexibility - Is this just early saddle pain that will go away - Should a try a seat with a little more padding ??

Thanks in advance
- Henry
re: Tail Bone TroubleJustride
Jun 14, 2002 10:46 PM
I had a similar problem when I first started riding a road bike some years ago. I had logged quite a few miles on a mtb that had a very upright posture. The first few weeks on a road bike were quite a shock to my then 45 year old body. My tail bone area was quite painful. As my flexibility increased over a few weeks and a few hundred miles it calmed down nicely. It sounds like you are starting out the right way by having your bike fit examined and not trying to over do the miles. Good luck and don't be affraid to ask a lot of questions.