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What do you think? (LONG)(2 posts)

What do you think? (LONG)BradJackson
Jun 14, 2002 8:51 PM
Ok, starts off like this...

Get off work early to hit the MUT (hey, it's nicely paved for 35 miles and hardly any traffic at 2 pm), cruising along, getting to my normal turn around point when curiousity gets the best of me...why don't I keep going? I'm feeling good, may as well push myself...

So I keep pedaling, cruising along nicely, entering in the "nicer" part of the trail that goes into the upscale parts of the neighborhoods. How cute, signs about cat crossing, ped xing, 15 mph speed limit (yeah right)..ok, this is nice..going downhill...around a corner when WHAM!

No, not a rollerblader, but the "paved" part of the trail suddenly ends (read: NO SIGNS, NO WARNINGS) and goes into a 10" wide gravel trail full of potholes the size of the trail along with little "jumps" (doesn't mix well with my road bike). No big deal, right? So I apply the brakes (not too hard!)...trying to get out of my pedals when..oh...looks like some genius lined each side of the trail with BIG boulders (foot high) if to keep you on the trail. Well, my front tire doesn't feel the love from the rocks when they meet for the first time and I'm doing performing my first endo (judges say 9.5)

Ok...brush myself off..nothing broken...hell, my bike landed on top of me, only the aero bar tape is dirty...that's it...I'm bleeding (hands & knees), but nothing serious, dying of embarassment if anything. Get back up...head for home.

Go to the bike shop to get bike looked over (yes, I'm thinking of raising this incident with the city), he notices nothing wrong...back tire is a little out of true, he offers to retrue it...notices my front derail cable (Shimano 105) is frayed a little (stupid me clipped the "cap" at the end of it a few weeks ago when adjusting the cable), offers to replace the cable as well..the whole thing will run me about $ big deal, go for it..he says it'll be ready by Sunday.

Then...I get a call...."I replaced the left shifter cable, now the shifter" Stuck? Stuck...won't shift. But it worked fine when I brought it in, it's a triple..I had to actually use all gears to get home since I basically only had one leg (my knee was banged pretty bad..icing now). what do we do? Seems Shimano was called and was equally perplexed..they want it sent in for evaluation to see if it will be replaced under warranty (no, I didn't fall on that side, I fell on my right). Ok, what if it's not covered? $ installation..and oh yeah..I need new bar tape (1 month old) since it had to be ripped off to get to the shifter. now I'm out a bike for at least 10 days and possibly $150 (roughly, by the time this is all over)...what would you do in this situation?? You think Shimano will come through or am I just screwed all around?

Thanks for reading if you made it this far...
re: ... pass the KY jelly...Akirasho
Jun 15, 2002 4:45 AM
... sorry to hear about your bike's woes... and yours too! At least you got a great score.

It's possible that if your LBS was "creative" when talking to a Shimano rep, that you might get warranty out of it (If the word "crash" was mentioned, your chances fall exponentially, even if it was on the other side of the bike... aka a JRA story).

Funny, but "Cycling Plus" magazine usually has a pic or two per issue of trail anomalities (poles in the middle... or open grates)... one was a fully marked trail branching off the road... about 7 feet long... ending 'bout as you described! After all... bikes only go about 2 or 3 mph, right???

... and to quote from the song by TLC, next time you feel like exploring... "Don't go chasing waterfalls..."

We abide.

Remain In Light.