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a c40 or a ct1?(4 posts)

a c40 or a ct1?olsta
Jun 14, 2002 4:39 PM
I am thinking of buying a colnago ct1 frame, but I am also wandering whether its worth putting out the extra cash and go for the c40. Is it a better frame? Does it have a better ride? Will it last longer? Any views?
guts for a De Rosa King? (nm)tempeteKerouak
Jun 14, 2002 11:21 PM
depends on your budget...C-40
Jun 15, 2002 5:11 AM
From a strict cost standpoint, many would argue that half the cost of either of these frames is too much.

I'm riding my second C-40 and enjoy it greatly, but I learned quickly that there are no miracle frames out there, particularly for riders like me who weigh 135-140.

The C-40 is a stiff, but shock absorbing frame. It perfroms particularly well on gravel-sealed roads, dampening the buzz that would transmit more readily through other frames.

A least one frequent poster on this site raves about the ride of the CT1. He's ridden a lot other frames, so I tend to believe his review.

Whichever you decide on, take a look at euro web sites like or before buying. Prices are substantially less. Totalcycling has a limited stock but may be able to obtain unlisted sizes. You have to ask. Maestro is even cheaper, but in my inquiries, I was told that they only stock the most basic paint scheme (OOF). Anything else was a special order that could take several months. I got a Rabobank C-40 from total cycling in 3 days. I'm not willing to wait months to get a bike.
re: a c40 or a ct1?CT1 Guy
Jun 16, 2002 12:14 PM
I've got a CT1 and can certainly vouch for its ride and handling. Likewise, I also know some C40 owners and even someone who has one of each. If you want an out and out, no holds barred race bike with no handling gliches get the C40 - its light, but doesn't have a light front end like some other carbon frames out there. Its also pretty stiff, which brings me round to the CT1. If your riding's going to involve longer rides, 3 hours plus over rougher roads, then the CT1 wins for comfort. You don't say how heavy you are, as this will also have a bearing - if you're 130lbs like me, then I'd go for the CT1, but a heavier rider would most probably prefer the C40. The guy who has both? - rides the CT1 the most and keeps the C40 for the fast and furious.
Agree with previous poster on DeRosa King - certainly is a nice frame and has that rarity factor.