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X-pedal owners... do you also use Frogs?(5 posts)

X-pedal owners... do you also use Frogs?bigdave
Jun 14, 2002 5:29 AM
Quick questions for Speedplay X-pedal owners... I have a set of X-2s and have been love with them since I got them (or should I say my creaky left knee is in love with them).

Do you also own Speedplay Frogs for your MTB stuff? Do you like them as much as the X's? Do they give you the float you need? Are they reliable in bad conditions? (snow, mud)

I currently have a set of Time ATACs on my MTB and commputer (only 1 set right now, I swap back and forth as needed since I'm not totally sold on the ATACS). While I like the ATACs better than my old SPDs, the float still isn't quite what I'd like, and I'm about ready to shell out for Frogs, but I thought I'd ask some X owners first.


re: X-pedal owners... do you also use Frogs?Juanmoretime
Jun 14, 2002 6:16 AM
Hi Big Dave,

I've been riding Speedplay's for about 9 years. I started on X2's ans went to X1's about two years ago. Obviously I like the pedal.

I went to Colorado about 4 years ago to mountain bike and was riding Ritchie pedals at the time. The area I was in, the mud was very heavily clay based. Either I had great difficult clipping in or getting out if I was lucky enough to get clipped in. I stopped and Colorado Cyclist and asked the guys their what everyone rode because of the mud situation. They told me quite a few people broke the little pins on the bottom of the frogs. They recommended Times, which everyone there at Colorado Cyclist was using. They do carry both pedals.

I like my Time pedals for mountain bike as well as I like my Speedplay's for the road. They work just as well dry as in mud. They always release for me and engaging in the pedal, just like Speedpaly's, is thoughtless. You just step down and your clipped in.

I hope this helps. LoL.
Jun 14, 2002 10:04 AM
I love my X2s and they have 3,000 miles on them, but I have too many friends who have had trouble with the Frogs. They have all switched back to SPDs or Times. I remain on SPDs in the dirt and like them a lot (though my friends that use Times are quite happy as well).

I have heard, however, that Frogs are great for commuters who have to do a lot of walking along with their riding.
Switched over completelyRay Sachs
Jun 14, 2002 6:48 AM
I started with Speedplay with a set of X-2's on a roadbike and really liked them. Then I tried a set of Frogs and liked them just as much. After riding both for a while, I didn't detect any advantage of the X-2 over the Frog for road riding and prefered the walkability of the Frog system, so I sold the X-2s and switched my road bikes over to Frogs. The float is the same, the easy in out is the same, the stability is the same - very little difference at all (a few grams and maybe a few degrees of cornering clearance, but nothing I'd ever notice). My legs have since gotten stronger and I don't seem to need as much float anymore and I've actually gone over to Look pedals and clip 'n strap pedals for my road bikes because I like the greater stability, but if you like Speedplay's float, the Frogs are the equal of the X series IMHO.

That said, for any sort of hardcore mountain biking, I didn't like Speedplays. They don't handle mud or clay-like dirt very well and the cleats are a bit delicate. I prefer SPD or Times for serious off-road use (probably like egg-beaters too, but haven't tried them).

Used to..Jekyll
Jun 14, 2002 7:41 AM
I really like X series pedals (I have X1's and X3's). I decided to go with Frogs a few years ago when I started to seriously ride MTB. I rode them for a year and tossed them in favor of ATAC's. In the mud there is no comparison. ATAC are far more consistent in both entry and release once the going gets rough. Frogs just don't seem to like mud. Also, once the Frogs/cleats fill up with mud its very hard to tell when you actually clip in. They don't give you that positive click like the X pedals do on the road and the ATAC's do off road. The Frog pedal bodies are very small and the inner rotation stops tend to brake off (had to have my pedal bodies replaced because the stops broke off allowing my foot to rotate all the way inward).
I love the X's and would not go back to Look, etc if they were free (just MHO) but off road the ATAC are the shit (a lot of guys like the new Egg Beater as well but I prefer the larger platforms of the Times).