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How to choose a new saddle?(9 posts)

How to choose a new saddle?fracisco
Jun 13, 2002 3:41 PM
I have the stock Coda saddle on my Cannondale, and a lot of people have said that it is an uncomfortable seat. I'm game to try something else.

How does one choose and try a new saddle? Will the LBS mount them on a bike to see how they feel in the shop?

Where to start?
With Your Arse!sidley
Jun 13, 2002 4:08 PM
Any reputable shop will mount some saddles for you.

Don't let them talk you into anything without trying it first. I recommend the Specialized jewels-saver models. I love mine -- Specialized saddle that is.
Whichever one your ass likes the best :^)!Bikez
Jun 13, 2002 4:38 PM
You may startgrandemamou
Jun 13, 2002 5:19 PM
with the reviews on this site followed by discussions with knowledgable LBS and local riders and still end up buying several before finding the right one.

Unfortunately trial and error is the only answer. A bike shop may let you try one out but riding around the block isn't always a good indicator of what it will feel like after 5-6 hrs in the saddle.

My vote is for the Turbomatic.
Jun 14, 2002 4:15 AM
Trial and error is expensive, no?

At 50-100us$ a shot, how can one test saddles to find the 'right' one??
Yes it isgrandemamou
Jun 14, 2002 4:43 AM
but unless you can find a LBS willing to let you test ride a saddle for a week there is no better way. As I said before a saddle might be fine riding around the block (most do) but feel very different after 5-6 hrs in the saddle.

I did not mean for the guy to pick saddles blindly from a catalog. Get all the input you can first and then take a stab at it. You may get lucky and get it right the first time but then again you may not.
That's easy:Alexx
Jun 14, 2002 4:16 AM
Since I have found that the Brooks Team Professional is the perfect saddle for me, all I need to do is go to , and order one. They've been making them exactly the same way for about 30 years, and probably will for 30 more!
re: Ask friends who have been riding a while.dzrider
Jun 14, 2002 5:02 AM
Many of us have saddles in the basement/garage that haven't worked for us. Many of us would let a fellow rider try one and I would sure swap a seat I can't use for some cleats or gloves that I can use.

Now all I can do is get vengeance for the pain they caused me by giving them to my teenage sons who kill everything they touch. The slow death of the Concor light is fun to see, but I'd rather trade it for something useful.
re: How to choose a new saddle?bic
Jun 14, 2002 5:18 PM
You said "a lot of people have said that it is an uncomfortable seat"

Who cares what others say! What does "your" ass say!?!?!